5ft 4″ (166cm)
34B (natural) – 24″ – 34″
English and Spanish
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Roselle is our fatal attraction here at Lilith. This green-eyed, golden-haired beauty can teach you a thing or two. Her perfectly-shaped cheekbones diagonally glide in perfectly to highlight her sweet cherry ripe lips. Her beautifully modest curves further add to the image of an alluring all-natural beauty – qualities that are rare and admirable in this day and age.

Roselle has exquisite taste in lingerie with a strong preference to waspies and corsets. Her love for this type of undergarment originated from her fascination for 50s Western films as well as the Moulin Rouge. The film and the live show in Paris is Roselle’s most memorable experience. Roselle whispers, “The Moulin Rouge is an iconic cabaret experience which would be enjoyed by most adults. The dress/ lingerie outfits are to die for and the women are so hot.”
Although we have not seen the Moulin Rouge in Paris, we can attest to the fact that some of the best lingerie shops are lined along the narrow colourful and charming streets. You will find a lingerie boutique in an least every quarter of the ‘City of Love.’ Whether you are looking for pure comfort or to dazzle in special company, Paris ticks every genre of lingerie possible: traditional, historic, romantic, racy, SnM and outerwear. Roselle explicates:

“Every time I go to Paris, I make a silent promise to myself that I will not purchase anymore underwear – an oath that I persistently break! I am obsessed with Eres due to the effortless chic image they propagate in their advertisements and clothes they produce. Their speciality is nude shades and body-sculpting swimwear which is a niche that many brands are unable to pioneer. My next favourite lingerie brand is Fifi Chachnil, the style is ’50’s flirty’ with ribbons, patterns of cherries, butterflies and sweeties. Not everything should be black lace and silk,” winks Roselle.

Roselle’s favourite places to holiday are as diverse as her taste in lingerie: Ibiza and Geneva. Ibiza is so much fun and as the saying goes ‘what happens in Ibiza, stays in Ibiza,’ I love Geneva because it’s so pretty and picturesque with an abundance of history.

When Roselle is not fawning over underwear or dancing her heart away in Ibiza, she goes to the gym and lunches with her girlfriends. An unusual avocation of hers are puzzles. “I love a challenge, who doesn’t, especially when the end objective is a wonderful picture that I finally get to glue onto a wooden board. I have around sixty puzzles that I have glued onto a board that I keep in storage. The most intricate puzzle I completed was one of Buckingham Palace. It was exceptionally hard considering that the brickwork is all congruent so every piece is the same shade of stone grey,” explains Roselle. Quite the dilemma we agree…

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