5ft 8″ (177cm)
34DD (enhanced) – 23″ – 33″
Dark Brown
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Most people are defenceless when in front of a fun-loving vixen who loves to party – this is Natalia. If you love to party, then you will experience a shift in the power-dynamics when you realise that Natalia loves to party harder! This leggy hot brunette reminds us of the gorgeous exchange student from American Pie – the one that Jim runs out on once she undresses. She is the perfect companion for a classy night out in London or to take clubbing in the lively town of Berlin.

Natalia is more electric than Silicon Valley and has an abundance of energy. Some of the best nights out were dancing in Berlin until the early hours of the morning according to Natalia. “It’s funny how many people rage on about Ibiza and Mykonos because some of the most unforgettable experiences were in Berlin. The clubs are out of this world. Techno is king in Berlin and some of the clubs house more than three-thousand people, which is insane. I first experienced clubbing in Berlin when I turned twenty-one and it was a close friends’ birthday. In some vicinities the floors elevated and the drinks were luminous – it was surreal. There were so many beautiful dancers on podiums scattered around the club,” Natalia recounts.

Nightclubbing is an art she tells us and it’s no surprise that Natalia will dress accordingly to what type of club it is. Natalia tells us that, “If The Art’s Club, then you will see me in high waisted trousers a silk blouse as though I’m having tea at The Hurlingham. If it’s The Box, then I will dress like a hot goth and finally if I go to DSTRKT, you’ll see me in a tight Zuhair Murad cocktail dress.”

Natalia keeps in shape by doing Bikram yoga and synchronized swimming. “I was much better when I was younger but then Bikram yoga took all my attention. I love exercising in the heat so when I first heard about Bikram yoga from a friend, it was a dream come true. I was soon hooked and I can thank this type of yoga for my lean, tight body,” explains Natalia. Bikram yoga was founded by Bikram Choudhury and the first studio practising this art was in Japan back in the 1970s. Inspired by workers going to saunas on their lunch break, Choudhury thought of combining exercise with relaxation and detox.

Never indulging on her own, Natalia’s duo partner is Valentina. Yes, you read that right! She loves the idea of having fun with another friend and no one knows her as well as Valentina. We know what you're thinking so go ahead, you may as well!

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