Bang Tidy London Escort Gabriella
Bang Tidy London Escort Gabriella
Model London Escort Gabriella
High Class London Escort Gabriella
Elite London Escort Gabriella
VIP London Escort Gabriella
5ft 6″ (168cm)
32C (natural) – 22″ – 32″
Dark Brown
English and Portuguese
Availability to travel

Gabriella, Gabriella you have got to see her! It is not common that a woman’s kindness is on par with her external beauty; this feature can be applied perfectly to this delightful model. She has the softest, most feminine curves that are not the result of gymming and eating a strict diet. No, Gabriella can thank her wonderful genetics for her gorgeous figure and striking yet beautifully warm face; the type of beauty that allows you to lower your barriers – before you know it, it’s too late. She has the most titillating smile and big brown dolly eyes that send a wave of euphoria every time she flutters those insanely long natural lashes. She’s Aphrodite’s understudy, Cupid’s muse and the Achilles heel to any red-blooded human being.

Gabriella loves the color deep red for it speeds up her pulse and pushes the boundaries of her imagination. The colour instigates feelings of passion, lust and desire. The hue also drifts her thoughts to one of her most favourite beverages: red wine. Gabriella is not a demanding guest, but she knows good wine when she tastes it. A glass of Barbera wine coupled with a rich tomato sauce dish is her idea of heaven, as well as conversing in charming idioms.

Seeing as Gabriella is a romantic at heart, it comes as no surprise that she adores flowers and not necessarily an organized bunch from the local florist. Instead, she loves to roam nature and public areas where beautiful flowers are there to be enjoyed by everyone. “When there are so many beautiful things to see outside, why would you spend so much time indoors watching the TV or playing on your phone. The only exception is the news”, she remarks. Gabriella recently went to the Eden Project in Cornwall and was thrilled by some of the magnificent plants and flowers she saw there, especially considering it is already drawing close to winter.

Earlier, we mentioned how Gabriella’s incredible genetics allow her to kick back, laugh with those oyster pearly whites and relax. Now, she does enjoy the gym for mental relaxation due to a number of endorphins that are released and Gabriella believes that one should work out and move for enjoyment; namely fun activities that involve games with other players. What we love about Gabriella is that she realizes that life is there to enjoy, not compete with others or stress over its trials and tribulations. Sit back and pour yourself a glass of champagne with this decadent creature, because you won’t want to rush your time in the presence of such magnificence.

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