Beautiful London Escort Crystal
Beautiful London Escort Crystal
VIP London Escort Crystal
Model London Escort Crystal
Sexy London Escort Crystal
High Class London Escort Crystal
Elite London Escort Crystal
5ft 9″ (180cm)
32C – 25″ – 35″
English and Russian
Availability to travel

You know good Karma has bestowed you with blessings when Crystal walks through the door. She is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful escort models you will ever meet. The girl is breathtaking – in the literal sense. Her long and lean proportions are perfectly shaped and she exudes extremely good health and fitness. She is polite with a naughty twinkle in her eye and every time you are pulled in by the magnetism of her jade green eyes, she flashes a translucent white smile and flicks her long glimmering maple syrup-coloured hair, that completely throws you off your train of thought. Her fingers are elegantly shaped and they move like magicians; her voice is enchanting with intermittent giggles and seductive undertones. The most powerful of all crystals, this gem brings instant positivity and healing. I need not waste my time with adjectives because the photos say it all.

We asked Crystal to spill her beauty secrets and we are left with the obvious: “I recommend laughing without restraint and being open for new adventures to keep the heart young” she tells me. As encouraging as that sounds, I think a great deal of Crystal’s magic comes from a combination of her magnificent genetics and sweet nature. Her face is butterfly-wing symmetrical even without makeup.

The characteristics that Crystal looks for in a companion are the things that any intelligent gentleman can achieve. “I love a good sense of humour, chivalry and patience. Patience is a multi-layered gift because if you are patient, then you are most likely a great listener, a fun travel partner and successful in whatever you are passionate about. It takes a long time to execute a vision and those who are patient, achieve their goals. I respect that”, explains Crystal.

Crystals loves a bit of competition and enjoys playing squash against different opponents. She started playing at the age of eighteen and has since not been able to put the racket down. “My friends go crazy when I talk about squash or tennis, so I revert to a universally agreeable topic for females, to be specific jewellery or men”, she giggles, we swoon.

Her ideal date would be relaxing on large pillows at an outdoor cinema in the summer watching the classics. She tells us she is a huge fan of Sophia Loren and Ingrid Bergman. Her favourite film is El Cid with Charlton Heston. The pace of classic movies is slower and due to the absence of CGI and special effects, the storyline is everything, therefore more dramatic. The score of these types of films are timeless orchestral pieces and she loves being reminded of a film like Ben Hur or Some Like it Hot because of the background music.

If you would like to see Crystal, you may feel compelled to see her more than once!

1 Hour


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