5ft 6 (170 cm)
34E (enhanced) – 24″ – 36″
English and Arabic
Availability to travel

Alexa is a beautiful Spanish model who is looking for some pleasant distraction when she is having downtime from university. The pictures are true to her beauty; a vision that boasts soft ruby lips, soft ivory colored skin and wavvy chestnut-colored hair. Alexa is all natural and her curves would make the Amazon river jealous.

A pure soul with a smart brain, Alexa is kind, sensual and sophisticated. She loves good conversation, and it can be hard for company to concentrate when you are faced with such a gift from Nature.

Amongst traveling and studying, Alexa loves to go horse riding. An animal lover, Alexa explains that mixing nature and sport together, is as good as it gets. A committed equestrian, Alexa takes out several hours of her week to go engage in such an exhilarating sport.
Alexa has been to Ascot, although not for the usual reasons that others attend. Alexa tells us: “I adore Ascot, just as I would any other horse-related event. However, due to the large crowd, I am always trying to make my way to the horses, which is the most exciting part for me. Meeting new people and socializing come second nature to me as I’m extremely cordial, so when there are horses in the same scenario, I am overwhelmed by excitement and tend to reserve conversation for later.”

As you can see from the photos, Alexa adores high quality lingerie and beneath the dress will sport a piece that Nefertiti would wear on date night. Her lingerie is the highest quality one can purchase and she loves to show off new pieces when she receives them. From gold frills to blue lace and black straps, her lingerie closet is as versatile as a pair of ampidexterous hands and she’s not shy when rocking them.  Alexa puts it in layman terms for us: “when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you can only emanate a positive aura that will make others gravitate towards you. Every girl has certain activities or things that get her in the mood: chocolate, comedy sketches, pictures of hot women or even a bath flanked by candles. My ‘mood-lift’ is lingerie, very good lingerie.”
Alexa is suitable for extended dates and travel due to her vibrant personality and charming demeanor – you will never get bored with this angel.


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