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The fascination with long hair

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One of the most defining characteristics of women: their hair. There is a profound relationship between our hair and self-esteem that is discussed in philosophy, science and religion. Although long hair has been pioneering the beauty scene for years, almost anyone will agree that healthy, thick lustrous hair is more important than the length. Now, let’s move onto why hair is one of the most tantalizing features of a woman…

The way the sunlight plays upon her hair

Long hair is feminine; a clear delineation between man and woman – well, in most cases. From Renaissance through to the Pre-Rephaelites, paintings depicted women with long, resplendent hair and facial expressions that hinted towards a deep intellect. Her mind is a rich, complex fountain of knowledge like the copious sheaths of dark silk that flow from her scalp. You see, the romantic notion of woman pining for a lover, waiting for him by the window was a symbol of hopeless romanticism and femininity. Years later, women who wanted to fight during the civil war would cut their hair very short so as not to be recognized as female.
Long hair demonstrates freedom and beauty; two subjects whose sustenance depends on the other. Long hair doesn’t need to be brushed to look good, and the tousled, relaxed look points towards inherent confidence. Let’s face it, nothing looks hotter than a messy pony-long-tail.

By traditional – I mean, very traditional – standards, long hair signals healthy fertility. Furthermore, long hair desires to be touched, especially when a girl fiddles with her mermaid locks. We love to play with hair, whether outside or inside – seeing long hair bounce in the wind or spread out on a white pillow is more erotic than you think.

All of you out there with luscious locks: take care of your hair so that your hair will take care of you, and frame your beautiful face.


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