You Don't Like Curvy Escorts, or Maybe You Do

Ever searched for really curvy women online? Every client has a certain type, however, that doesn’t mean that they will not opt for something new when they call in. Despite high-end fashion marginalizing curvy women and celebrating one very specific body type, you may – or may not – be surprised to know that numerous clients ring Lilith agency asking for an exceptionally curvy elite escort. If you raise an eyebrow at this piece of information – especially if you are a woman, then you can blame the social and visual constructed-norms of ‘body-image’ that we are force-fed – no pun intended – everyday.


Go large, continued….
On magazines and billboards we see models who look so ‘perfect’, it is borderline ridiculous; due to the copious amounts of airbrushing, they are not real. In many campaigns, models are usually portrayed as a size zero, and if a woman is too small or large for what the fashion ideals are, the airbrush auto-artist is instructed to add or decrease her body mass. As a result, we are left with an image of an expressionless woman who looks like she is doing an impressive algebraic sum in her head, resting delicately on a body that miraculously has no knees, elbows, breasts or hips. I mean, seriously, if you dated a girl and then took her home only to find out that she had no joints in her bones or hair that floated on end like Medusa, would you stand to the challenge, or run out the front door? Would you not prefer a real woman? If Agalmatophilia is your thing, then you may as well stop reading now. However, if you have the capacity to communicate with more than just a lifeless mannequin, then proceed.


Why would a man who prefers ectomorphs ever be attracted to a ‘bigger girl’? 

A client may have a wife or long-term partner who has a certain body type, but will opt to see an high class escort who is the polarizing opposite. You know why? It is because we, humans, love to experience new things and cover different enterprises – the larger the vicinity, the more to explore. A client who picks an high class escort to spend time with is most likely to choose differently had his friends been present. Men will pick what they deem their collective associates would find attractive, due to the influence of our peers in a heterosexual landscape. A wife may provide a solid foundation for her partners self-esteem because she is the right aesthetic for him; an aesthetic that is accepted by friends and family. There are, obviously, other factors that govern the decision making process for the union between a man and woman but we are focussing on the superficial depth of a puddle today.

The client – married or not – may look for something entirely different – a fantasy that he cannot bring home to mummy dear.

We move from the billboard model, to the ‘safe wife’ and now to the fantasy that has a potential tangible. A realistic fantasy is a friendly dichotomy demonstrated in, for example, amateur porn. The most searched body type on porn and amateur porn is none other than what supplied the first line of this blog: curvy women. The difference between high fashion and porn is that the former is there to make women purchase items as well as push an androgynous agenda. Women ultimately compete against their female peers, feeling inferior in the comparison process. Most fashion designers who are men are homosexual, and they make incredible creations, but they have holding power on which model is their brand ambassador in events and above the line advertising that is disseminated to the general public – mostly female. Porn is restricted via foreign policy, and not disseminated to a large female audience. What women forget is that most men who make porno’s that involve women, are straight and they prefer the messy hair, cellulite celebrating, occasional cursing, burger eating, naughty vixen who can laugh at herself.


The genie that may not fit in the bottle, but she fills out a balconette bra

Below is a testament to why these rosy-cheeked, bosom spilling, thigh-tantic, sexy Barbie Q’s are one of the few women in your life that will grace your limbic system till the day you kick the bucket:

Curvy and voluptuous escorts not only make heads spin, they are a gift from Mother Nature. We are captivated by a waist that is tiny in relation to the hips and bosom – dimensions that you thought only a superhero comic caricature artist could produce.
A curvy girl is guaranteed to have breasts that are not a modest size and a bootie that is hypnotizing. Some women have bodies that are – simply put – shapes upon shapes, and we cannot help but lust after a figure that looks like it can have some fun without getting bruises from changing position.
Escorts who are curvy also look more youthful and energetic. They are soft to the touch and exude confidence; no kale-drinking, calorie-watching highly strung mistress, thank you very much.
Curvy women tend to have chocolate vocals, delivered slow and steady with the precision of a young Italian mamma carving the words into a layer topping of warm fudge. It is no wonder that the best opera singers are curvy.
Curvy women feel better – just accept it.

If you are still having doubts, then I will leave you with a short story. I had a friend who always dated toned and skinny women, and he admitted that you never truly experience the best making love session until you spend time with a ‘bigger girl’. Why did he not date them? He claimed the slimmer girls clung onto him and were needy, whereas the shapely women used him and then spat him out like he was a used Mars wrapper – a girl has to get her energy from somewhere!


– Signed by your one and only: Kristy Kreme

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