Winter Sun with an International Escort

Not a fan of the Christmas rush? Neither am I.

I’ve made a last minute trip to the airport with a client-turned-lover of mine, where we are en route to Belize. For the record, I don’t indulge in buying presents for acquaintances every Christmas, unless it’s necessary. Instead, I send a significant donation to the DEC appeal, then disappear.


Travelling spontaneously 
I’m not like most elite escorts, or girls for that matter; I like to keep it real. This is why I sometimes disappear with a small suitcase that has been packed with essentials only. Frequently, I go alone but now and then, I invite a client who I know deep down loves to kick back and relax with a low-maintenance travel companion. Due to increased responsibility, the social strata one may circulate in and a level of professionalism individuals must keep when dealing with high-end affiliates, some of us crave the travels we experienced during our sweet youth when all we wanted to do was have fun and explore, not sit in a plush bar on the 187th floor of a skyscraper, admiring the world from the other side of the glass.

Below are some examples of Zen-approved, dreamy escapes. In these locations, you’re a nobody, your material items mean nothing, wi-fi is unheard of and the only thing on the agenda is finding your 7th sense – interpret that however you want.

First up is where I am heading to: Belize. Admired for its stunning Caribbean shore and dense jungle, Belize is a place that you do and do not want to get lost in. Parts of the jungle have swing-bridges and desolate bars as well as bedrooms hidden in the trees. Monkey River Town offers a true taste of the culture; the original fishing community is still running and there is wildlife roaming all over the place.

Ulleungdo, in the Korean Peninsula, is a hikers dream and a deaf man’s habitat! The island was born from volcanic eruptions over 2.5 million years ago. The cliffs are enclosed in mist and the fishing village there offers some of the most authentic street food you will ever taste. The view is breathtakingly eerie, reminiscent of an ex-Battle Royale island. Frankly speaking, even the Koreans don’t visit this wonderful place.

Flowers are an aphrodisiac to a woman, which is why the Archipelago of the Azores is one of the most amazing places to take an elite escort whose a romantic at heart. The Eden of Portugal: this region is mesmerizing due to it’s free-flowing meadows, peaceful fishing villages, serene lakes, tea plantations and sweeping hedge rows of blue hydrangeas.

If you like the scenery in The Vikings (History Channel), then you will love the Shetland Islands, a sub-arctic archipelago based in-between Norway and Scotland, you don’t go there for sun. However, the jagged cliff edges are covered in moss and stunning variations of peony flowers. The air is so clean and crisp, you will never want to return to the city again. So desolate is Shetland, that you actually feel like you’ve encroached upon territories that are not even marked on the maps – that’s kinda sexy.

You probably won’t bump into any friends at Fernando de Noronha, an isle within a volcanic cluster of islands off the northeast coast of Brazil. Only 420 people are allowed on the island at any given time and maybe that’s so the unspoiled nature there will never fall prey to the destructive tendencies of humans. The loneliness also adds to the romance, the possibilities are endless.

If you like to take on nature without any spectators, then head to Molokai, Hawaii. You are bound to have the entire beach to yourself with the waves crashing and you can scream to your hearts delight as human footfall is limited to almost zero. Trust me, I know. At times you become one with nature, the moistness in the heat of love in tandem with the waves crashing onto the rocks, that adds to the occasions and leads to the most splendid after flow. Also, this small place is were hula-hooping all stared.

Go for a natural spa break in Palau’s Milky Way. Located in the Micronesia area of the Western Pacific Ocean, the Palau rock islands have a bed of limestone which makes bathing one of the most rejuvenating experiences. Some apt divers swim to the bottom and collect clumps of the healing mud to dry and take home later for bathtime. The surrounding coral on the 300 islets in Palau are some of the most intricate plant organisms you will ever encounter.


If the company is good, then you don’t need to book the most ostentatious hotel offering endless expensive activities, just ensure that the environment is as beautiful as the elite escort you’re with.


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