Why Fictional And Non-Fitional Exotica is Hot

Erotica was central to Chinese thought in the ancient times; they dismissed comprehensive education and instead alluded to visual guides. Japan took the subject to a whole new platform, moving from education to fantastical and innovative designs – namely Manga, which involved supernatural characters performing in scenes that are commonplace. For example, imagine a hot alien wearing human skin, dressed in a pilots outfit and working for a prominent airline. She visits Earth to understand how far we, humans, have evolved in the practice of Aerospace Engineering. However, the artist just happened to add white suspenders and a tattoo of Neptune on her third breast, strategically covered by a silk neck scarf…

Psychedelic faces 
Asia understands how blurring the lines between fiction and reality can be the ultimate turn-on, and to make this fantasy all the more credible, they summon images of beauty that we are not accustomed to in our everyday environment. I’ve seen Japanese models plastered on a forty-foot billboard with extraordinary blends: light blonde hair and freckles that rest on her plump cheeks and magnificent marble-coloured skin. Then again, it’s a fashion-altered image, so what happens when we see such a beauty  phenomenon in real life? We stop and stare, brazenly. Even if we are not into blonde, brunette, Asian, African, Caucasian and so forth, we will take time to marvel at nature’s prowess. Genetics from the most diverse areas of the planet not only makes the most gorgeous specimens, but it helps speed up the evolution process – don’t tell me you truly believe Darwin’s theory about apes?

Asian escorts are hard enough to come by, so when an elite Asian escort introduces herself to us, we are obliged to take her on board. The most beautiful Asian mixes I have ever seen were pioneering the catwalk with their Mediterranean and Asian heritage. I have a friend who knows countless beauties who fall under this category, and when I ask him where he becomes acquainted with them, he tells me art galleries in New York and Paris – specifically exhibits under the theme of abstract photography.

On a subconscious level, we are attracted to individuals who display multifarious DNA structures because the cumulative effect of good facial symmetry and exotic features tends to convey a sense of adventure, thoughts about unchartered territories, a signal of healthy genetics and the desire to experiment.
We become excited by things that our five senses don’t experience on a daily basis; an example, hearing a French accent delivering mundane announcements in the underground in London.

If you are looking for something different, then ask our receptionist at Lilith escort agency. It’s extremely lazy to see a picture and assume the girl is from ‘country x’, or only speaks broken English. We have some beautiful and eloquent elite escorts here at Lilith. Eiichi is a half-Chinese, half-Swiss elite escort working in Finance; you have to see her to believe it, so I won’t be delving into a Shakespearean Eulogy.

Don’t discriminate, appreciate 😉

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