What is it your wearing? I am not talking about your attire

…a double scented mixture…

We wind down to the end of May and approach June with trepidation. It’s raining miserable and I just checked out the forecast: a peek of sunshine this Sunday and Monday – joy. Luckily, I have a part-time job as a Perfumist, which permits me to work when I choose to, almost like a mad scientist in her lab, only I build olfactory memories rather than plan world domination. On a side note, there are times I have to be at work but I am only being slightly facetious as I presume my manager will never come across this site.

Do elite escorts like perfume? Of course! Do they wear the right aroma for their skin type and personality? Most of the time, no. When it’s raining like today, I feel obliged to write a very short blog on the importance of perfume and why an elite escort will always wear it.

From survival instinct to personal taste, our evolution in mankind is parallel to the trail of a scent. Coco Chanel once said that ‘a woman who wears no perfume, has no future,’ and even the Egyptians soaked mummies in expensive ointment so that they would be acceptable to reside with the gods in the afterlife. The oh’ so gorgeous Cleopatra knew that her cool milky baths and exotic features would not have been enough to woo Anthony, so she had the sails of her ship soaked in special ointments, thus when she met him the ‘winds were lovesick.’

The modern-day incarnation of perfumery that I follow came on the scene in the 14th Century. I create a bespoke smell that matches the individual’s taste and I also help recommend certain ingredients that are aligned with their personality. Without going into too much detail, I blend rare oils, crushed petals, ground herbs and fix them with an alcohol base so that they last throughout the day. My biggest clientele are the French and I have a substantial amount of French and Italian elite escorts ordering new perfumes every month. Some of them order the same and others opt for something new with a twist. It’s interesting to note that during the rainy season, orders for musky-based transient scents increase and in the summer, the demand for a fresh, citrus, sweet, smell with longevity surges.

Through our filter of emotion and memory, we build our reaction to a certain smell and we usually look to the smells of our favourite seasons to relive those memories. Most elite escorts will have at least three perfumes: one that a regular of hers specifically loves, one that reminds her of her mother and one that reminds her of an amazing holiday she went on.

If you will ever be so brave as to buy an escort a perfume, tell her first.


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