What a male can decipher from the nail colour of a VIP escort

Beautiful hands and feet have been a focal subject matter for novelists, poets, songwriters and men who love feminine women.  Nail painting has evolved into an expressive bodily art form that draws special attention to the hands.  Although we focus on the shine of the nail and the precision of the application, the colour of the nails gives off subtle signals that the most astute of individuals pick up on.

A woman takes on average five minutes picking her desired nail colour when she enters a beauty parlour so it must mean something, right?  It’s time to pay attention and understand the true temperament of the gorgeous VIP escort that just entered the party.  


This classic choice of colour is so popular that it is the one pigment that has the most shade variations: Chinese New Year, Bus Red, Cherry Red, Raisin Red, Bordeaux Red and the list is endless. Glamour and allure: red is associated with desire, love, blood, hunger, drive, energy, fire, lust and it’s no wonder that the colour is proven to increase our heart and metabolic rate.  VIP escorts who are wearing red nail polish are the models who are “game”. They tend to be the escorts that love to party all night and enjoy spontaneity.  They are passionate and flirty with a tendency to be a little demanding.  An individual may argue that red is also a choice for many conservative women.  We presume the conservative woman in question is the demure, well-spoken dame wearing the 3-ply cashmere jumper and two-carat emerald-cut diamond ring; in other words, she also wants attention, even if she doesn’t appear to need any.

Pink or any pastel 

The colour that whispers ‘femininity’ which could be considered a little immature by some but it is overall a sign of flirtation and charm.  Elite VIP escorts who paint their nails in a pastel hue most probably relish their feminine side and enjoy dressing like a woman; opting for elegant dresses, not power trousers.  The colour denotes a carefree attitude and happy disposition.  Nothing can dissipate the high that this woman is feeling and she also wants the world to know she’s in a good mood.  This type of London VIP escort appreciates sweet, thoughtful gestures and romance.  It’s simple: the more appreciation you show, the better you will feel as her happy aura will only rub off on you.
Tip: Instead of the wine list, it is advised that you reach for the cocktail menu as she’s bound to be craving something tooty fruity!

Blue or Grey 

The colour of nature’s elements that are deeper and higher than our mind’s capacity: the sky and the ocean.  If an elite VIP escort sports either colour, she is most probably rueful, sombre or deep in thought.  There could be something she’s sorting out in her private life and grey is a huge indication of this. It is a contemplative colour, hinting at confusion or apprehension.  That is not to say that she doesn’t know her mind, it’s actually quite the opposite.  Blue signifies wisdom, loyalty, trust, stability and intelligence which hints at the VIP escort working through an issue which is proving to be quite testing.  As opposed to courage in living dangerously that is prevalent in the lovers of red, blue represents a state of alert equilibrium.  Grey is more of a conservative and formal colour and like blue, a VIP escort who chooses either colour is going left-field; she’s weighed up her options and made an unconventional decision and is fully aware of her slight state of disarray.  This period of introspection means that she’s focussing on the aspects of her life that are most important and even if you make a silly remark, she will be mature enough to overlook it.

Black or Deep Purple 

If Halloween is not around the corner, then she most probably - subconsciously - is angry or frustrated.  Her short fuse and hypersensitivity means you will not get away with very much so reserve any cheeky remark for the red-nailed goddesses - our metaphor for women who are in the mood for banter.


Unless the colours were selected as part of a complementary addition to her fashionista outfit, then you can almost guarantee that this VIP London escort is either confused about something in her life, looking to shake up a monotonous routine or an outright eccentric.  This woman may be an art student or an individual working in the creative industry. Either way, she has a short attention span and embraces her free-spirit so try to be original in conversation or in planning.  London VIP escorts who endorse any form of fashion deviance most likely want to be noticed and for this reason, we recommend that you ask her open questions about her desires and hobbies.  You can even allow the conversation to migrate into a philosophical realm because hey, we all wonder now and then where we are going.

Unless she’s been hanging around footballer’s wives, a woman who wears white is feeling anxious this week and is looking to re-stabilise her thoughts and relax.  Women look at their hands on an average of 36 times per day and looking at a blank canvas can create feelings of zen and peace. White is not to be mixed up with ballet shades and cream which are used by women who want to elongate their fingers and who prefer a more ‘natural’ look.   These women tend to be very unassuming in their behaviour.

VIP London escorts will always have their hands and nails perfectly manicured, even if there is no nail polish on them. We all want to know that the other person is thinking and sometimes the real hint is right in front of us.

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