A Weekends Delight in Budapest

I’ve been invited to join a client of Lilith’s on a trip to Budapest, Hungary. The client in question had a business meeting on Friday – yesterday – and decided to make the most of his stay by extending his excursion to Monday morning, and inviting an elite escort to join him.
The closest I’ve ever been to Budapest was Berlin, when I joined a group of friends for a hen party. However, I am more inclined to accept an invitation when it’s a one-to-one experience; a romantically serene weekend – you get the gist.

Budapest is a stunning city with eclectic architecture, yet the city can be divided generically in two: the rural landscape of rolling hills and the historical remnants from the Ottoman Empire, and last but not least, the gorgeous Buda Castle District. The other side of Budapest is the dense, flat city-scape which encapsulates all the charming shops, boutiques, funky bars, flower-lined boulevards and derelict buildings. The Danube river divides the two areas categorically. Being the pseudo-princess that I am, I spent all of today in the Castle District, but not before I marveled at the trams that made less noise than a Tesla when they passed me.

Personally speaking, the only disappointing thing about visiting historical sites, is not being able to travel back in time to really experience life in the day of a Hungarian King, even if I already live the life of a queen! This World Heritage site is built on a large limestone plateau, and the castle itself was completed in 1265. The castle has several attractions that seduce tourists from all over the world: the Gothic Hall, The King’s Cellar, the Baroque Court, the private royal apartments, several antechambers, the countless sculptures and works of art, and many other departments and rooms.
The client took me to view the castle first thing in the morning, which was ultra-romantic but my favorite part was The Labyrinth, located beneath the castle. This area is composed of an intricate system of caves, alcoves and passages that date back to the prehistoric times. This subterranean world is pure magic, as well as a little eerie. From Turkish tombstones to the alleged prison chamber of Count Dracula, this was by far one of the most interesting places I have ever visited.

I write this, cross-legged, on top a four poster bed in one of the Parlour Suite rooms of the hotel. My client politely asked if he could disappear to the gym, so I decided to send a quick blog to Lilith, and why not, I get paid handsomely for it.



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