Two for the Price of One

Well, where do I begin? Lets start from the beginning: I awoke to a regular client – Tim, incessantly ringing my mobile that was close to the bedside table. I took the call half asleep asking who it was on the other line and as soon as I heard Tim’s voice, I immediately perked up, and we started chit-chating – as we always do.

The conversation was light and always fun, Tim then suggested we meet, so I agreed, jumped out of bed and ran to the shower. We met at our usual haunt: The Dorchester. As I arrived, Tim was waiting at reception. He casually strolled towards me and as we started talking very courteously guided me to the lifts.

When we arrived on the correct floor, we walked towards his room, where to my surprise, the door opened and we were greeted by his wife. I was a touch speechless for a few seconds, but she had a smile on her face and very graciously invited me in and offered me a glass of bubbly. She softly said “hello my name is Gia”.

As we all politely made conversation, Tim whispered in my ear “it’s my wife’s birthday,…and you’re her, or should I say, our present!!”

I gushed with excitement as I took a liking to his wife immediately, Gia was both tall and gorgeous with a very curvaceous body and blue eyes to die for. I could not wait to get to the bedroom.

Tim then reached for his glass of whisky and grabbed his wife’s, who then grabbed my hand and we were led to the boudoir… Things got rather out of hand and steamy to say the least. Let me explain, …I found my self in a passionate embrace with Gia who then gently moved her hand to my privates and began to vigorously stimulate me whilst Tim was in the delights of heaven below. I then took hold of Tim’s trophy – he immediately thrust forward and took me by surprise, by which point we were all enthralled into one body mass.

I’m a lady…and a lady never tells!!…or does she!!!!;)

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