True vs. False in Escorting

Escorting is an industry which has more layers than a cake in an Alabamian wedding. Every time a girl is thinking of joining, a member of the team is obliged to spend time on the phone with her to find out if this is really what she wants and if she is mentally prepared for what will ensue. The problem is that most these rookies have been pulled in by the media glamourising the industry with articles written by anonymous women discussing how they ‘cleaned-up’ and lived a life that would have made Elizabeth Taylor envious. Well, even Liz didn’t have an easy ride.

Mainstream cultural outlets have conjured so many myths. As a result, it leaves the real escorts who read this wondering whether or not these are bored journalists assuming an alias and writing about their fabricated escorting experiences just to collect followers. Escorting is – historically – a popular and controversial issue. The problem with making up stories is that you are painting an image from another painted image – not the real deal. Most people only speak about the best parts of their job, marriage, life; much like social media which is a billboard for our pretentions. Ever seen the trailer of a film and thought: “wow,” then gone to see the movie and it was rubbish? It’s called smart editing and we do this mentally on a daily basis to suppress the bad and wax lyrical the good.

Todays views on escorting are predominately a result of political constructions which have created negative discourses touching upon the topics of hallucinogenics, check-ups and exploitation. Is it fair to say that high end escorts exploit the client whereas the escorts who are in the lower-tier earning range are exploited by their clients and whoever is hovering over them? I think for the majority of cases it is, and the best thing about independent websites or girls who are working for a higher sums is that it gives confidence to young girls in the industry that they should never have to give their earning to a ‘boss,’ nor should they settle for a rate that someone proposed for them.
There are also economic factors and movements that further fuel this industry: feminism and modern gender roles. Society is heavily propagating women’s liberation to a point that it’s putting pressure on women to deride their male counterpart and be a single women taking on the world.
Men are the bread winners so as a result they seek out escorts more than females do. The man takes action, he is the initiator. He goes out to earn money (hunt) and reap the rewards: picking a wife, going on holiday, buying nice items, gambling, indulging in extra-marital affairs and booking escorts. This is sociological not biological – nice try Casanova!

If you are an escort who is not with Lilith and have just started only to find out this is not entirely what you wanted, then feel free to email us. We will connect you to the people and charities who will advise you on the best way out.

If you are an escort who has never talked to us but enjoys her work and would like to ask some further questions from those who have copious amounts of experience then feel free to email us too.

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