No Tricks, Just Treats With a High Class Escort

Today is the official day of Halloween, despite most of London going out Friday and Saturday night. If you were one of the hard-partying individuals who are recovering from vodka jelly shots and seeing so many Frankenstein’s, zombies, ghosts and others in the most revealing or crass costumes, maybe it’s time to relax, detox the alcohol you drank and un-see all the terrors of the weekend by spending time with an high class escort. At least you know that this experience won’t be marred by a vampire opening the door.

So why are people so hot on dressing up?

Ask any passer-by what the history behind All Hallows’Eve is and you will most likely be faced with a blank stare. However, people will not stop talking when if you ask what they are wearing on Halloween, or any dress-up occasion for that matter.
Some of the psychological motivations behind fancy dress are: assuming different roles at work, depending on the job and your peers, makes you used to wearing multiple masks so you can outwardly paint your inner persona; being adaptable in most situations and enjoying the challenge of persuading people to agree with your view – people noticing the character you are without you even explaining; not enjoying grown-up clothes and using any excuse to relive your favourite i.e Power Ranger from back in the day; getting attention without looking like an ego-maniac; because it’s fun, etc.

We love to dress up now and then for different reasons. Nevertheless, the high class escorts represented by Lilith are all exceptionally graceful and beautiful; no filter, make up, mask required.

No outlandish clothing unless…

…you are into role play. Alas, it really doesn’t need to be Halloween if that’s your gig, but if you have a penchant for a french maid or nurse outfit, then simply ask the receptionist at Lilith escort agency. Some high class escorts specialise in costumes and have a cupboard filled with said outfits.

Did Lilith go out to play on Halloween?

Legend has it that Lilith is out all the time, sitting on the curve of the moon watching all the activities that play out beneath and there’s only room for one.

Happy Halloween!

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