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There are golden rules in the kingdom of shopping, and although you can buy almost anything online, the same brand will disseminate different styles so that we are encouraged to shop outdoors as well as in. Yes, shopping from home is easier but many people cross oceans to purchase items from world-famous malls and departments stores. Why? It’s a refreshing experience to shop in a new environment, these stores have their own exclusive items and – the obvious – you have an excuse to spend more time in endless consumption.

The best department stores in the world to go shopping, or to take an escort shopping are as follows…

Shopping departments across the globe you have to visit 

…Galeries Lafayette in Paris demonstrates some serious Belle Époque architecture: neo-Byzantine glass dome, Art Nouveau staircase and copious amounts of gold plating.
The store offers some of the most exquisite products in the fields of homeware, lingerie, beauty, jewellery and haute couture. If you take an elite escort who isn’t interested in shopping, she will be astonished by the wonderful scenery. Who said Mother Nature was the only constructive genius?

Galleria Vittorio Emmanuele in Milan took five years to design, and showcases architectural prowess whilst maintaining a respect for tradition with some of the oldest restaurants in Milan still running there. Elite Escorts can quench their fashionista thirst as they search for one-off items in the vintage stores. Don’t buy a girl a perfume, buy her a vintage Lanvin perfum dah-ling!

Isetan is based in Tokyo and welcomes over 30million customers a year, from all over the world. It comes as no surprise that they provide English translators and multi-lingual assistance upon arrival.
Not only do they sell the best of Japanese – Kimonos included – and Western clothing (something that only the UK have endorsed recently), but they have an entire floor dedicated to chocolate. Many argue that the Japanese hold the medal for chocolate making and not the Belgians? Don’t believe me? Then try a piece of Royce.

Selfridges in London may not be built in order to impress a descendant of the Tzar’s family, but it take the meaning of efficient shopping to a whole new level. To reel: cashier accepts five different currencies, some of the best window displays in the world, world’s biggest denim department, open-plan spacing so less claustrophobic, models walking around on certain days dressed in items exclusive to Selfridges and the list goes on and on…

Diamonds are a girls best friend which is why you really ought to take a Dubai escort shopping at The Gold Souk in Dubai. Boasting three-hundred jewellers who exhibit some of the most sumptuous looking gemstones, a Dubai escort will never get bored.

Ah, decisions, decisions!

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