The World’s Most Incredible Cities - According To A VIP Escort

Leila, being a beautiful Arabic escort, is in very high demand and has travelled to so many destinations, even the Ottoman Admiral - Hayreddin Barbarossa - would be proud. This globetrotting advocate tells us why Tokyo, Dubai and Berlin are her favourite destinations and why they are the best locations for an elite VIP escort to experience.


Dubai is not just a honey-pot for fast cars, high-flying expats and every superlative you can imagine: highest, largest, longest, most expensive, most outrageous and the list goes on. “Dubai,” maintained the elite VIP escort, Leila, “is a place where historical conventions and modernity co-exist.” Despite Dubai being built from scratch less than a hundred years ago, the city has adopted many of the Arabic traditions and customs from its neighbours in the Middle East.

The city is also an oasis for art; the new Louvre Abu Dhabi making an indelible impression on most its visitors. Built on what is translated as the ‘Island of Happiness’, this Arabic VIP escort described being flown over - courtesy of an Arabic client - and shown the museum, followed by a horse ride in the desert and a spa treatment at the Al Maha Resort & Spa.

VIP escorts London have been known to extend their stay in Dubai due to the amenity of the area, high levels of safety and fantastic shopping malls - no clichés intended!
Overall, Dubai is attracting a larger audience due to its creators putting an emphasis on culture and knowledge in an aim to lessen their reliance on oil. An ever-evolving city that is growing at a prolific rate, Dubai is going from strength to strength. And, where there’s money, there is most certainly beautiful women.


Japan is one of the oldest civilisations on earth and despite the WWII attacks, the country has never been invaded. Why is this relevant? It’s indicative of the consistent assumptions and values of the Japanese whom are rarely influenced - in terms of culture - by the outside world. Elite VIP escorts who have been there describing Japan as something along the lines of “a whole new world…”

VIP escorts London can explore the Miyazaki paradise (the most remote prefecture in Japan) or walk through the streets of Tokyo that boast flashing lights, bizarre street food, manga illustrations and terrifying animation and stunning temples. “Like stepping into a real-life computer game, a London VIP escort will be far removed from anything she’s ever experienced,” explains the Arab escort.

The Arabian escort, Leila, tells us that most cities are areas in which a person can define themselves, however, in Tokyo the only way a non-Japanese can settle into this fast-moving city is by fully embracing their foreign status and appreciating the city’s unique atmosphere as opposed to dissecting it. The Arabian escort asserts: “By this, I mean that Japan can be a little overwhelming if you try to process everything at once.”

VIP London escorts love Japan because it’s a place where you can get lost whilst feeling incredibly safe. There are no ‘all eyes on you’ when one walks into a club - unless you are blonde and blue eyed which the Japanese go crazy for!
Leila reels off a list of the impressive districts - Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ebisu - which have a great nightlife. Despite the various types of attractions which span from neon boobie bars to hostess tour guides to professional mixology counters - the frenetic ambience of the entire city is what makes you want to stay out until dawn.


Elite VIP escorts ADORE Berlin! Although little introduction is required when discussing Berlin, it is the progressive young demographic, the range of opportunities, the seamless existence of public transportation, the relevant historical sites and great nightlife which garners so much tourism every year. According to Leila, the sights are varied but somehow each luxurious landscape and pop art graffiti smoothly segued from one scene to another, painting the city as an entity of disruptive creativity that somehow complements its surroundings. This is important because it demonstrates an open-minded approach to change as well as the adaptability of the inhabitants.

The nightlife is very much alive and a London VIP escort makes the most of it, meeting some of the most interesting friends when she goes out. The clubs are versatile and incredibly large so visitors and inhabitants have the option of partying until late at a large nightclub or going to intimate cocktails bars. Leila describes a beach party she attended with a client where ‘no shoes’ was the dress code. “It was incredible,” Leila gushes, “there are no pretensions when partying and the partygoers are from all over the world.”
The epic New Years Eve celebrations featured grand firework displays, outdoor street parties and lots of hugging according to this London VIP escort, Leila.

Leila believes that London is the most accessible, versatile and thrilling of all the cities in the world, but this VIP London escort counts Dubai as a special favourite. Since VIP escorts travel to some of the most exciting locations in the world - savouring the very best of what the cities have to offer - we take her word for it. 

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