The unwavering popularity of the English escort

The escorting world tends to follow the realm of fashion when it comes to the benchmark for beauty. For example, the early 1990s were all about the tall Russians with porcelain skin and perfect features, and then the 2000s saw a surge of interest in our Latin friends: Brazil. This appreciation went from strength to strength as Brazil won the World Cup in 2002. Billions of viewers were introduced to the beautiful women of the ‘Land of the Palms,’ proudly waving the flag, flicking their bedhead hair and wiggling their super-toned golden physiques. However, seated in the back stalls, patiently admiring the show, is the English escort. Her recognition has remained strong after she adopted the title of “Courtesan” – from the French courts – in the 16th Century. Since then, the English escort has tipped her bonnet to her French counterpart, adopted many of her customs and mannerisms, and added her own twist; a behaviour that sounds somewhat familiar.

The Land of Hope and Glory was – and is, undoubtedly, going to produce some of the finest home-grown specimens. The English escort is popular for many reasons: her soothing disposition and calm temperament; her sultry yet inoffensive beauty; her quest to improve her intellect, whether that be in an institution or at home and finally, her voice. That cut-glass British accent is universally adored, especially by Paris, Sydney and New York. English escorts speak slowly and clearly without sounding patronising. However, those innocuous words take on a seductive tone when you follow the origins of the speech: her lips. The English escorts lips are rosy and plump, like the bud of a Peony in June. Her doe-eyed hazel-green eyes are framed delicately by her chestnut colored hair. Her delicate long fingers are always maintained to perfection, as are her feet. Her tousled hair is parted effortlessly to one side – here cognitive side.
The English escort maintains her enigma through her fascination with her company without reverting the conversation back to her. Her raison d’être is something we will never decipher, and this is one of the reasons you will want to see her again and again.

Finishing schools are a must for English women from high stock, and it is likely that you will meet English escorts that are fantastic hosts and brilliant orators. They are well-versed on many a topic, but are diplomatic enough to not discuss politics at the dinner table!

Style is not an issue for an English escort in London since she has inspiration everywhere she turns. With designers like Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen, Alice Temperley and Vivienne Westwood, it is no wonder that an English escort looks effortlessly elegant whenever she steps outside the house. You can’t beat breeding, and neither can you buy it. Luckily for the the English escort, she has it instilled in her from day one through her network and peers. Coping tremendously well in any social situation and handing any mishaps with grace and charm, English escorts have far more to offer than just good table manners.

London English escorts are proud of where they hail from and what they have to offer, making them some of the best tour guides if you are visiting. England has great culture, food, fashion, art and most importantly, heritage. As a result, they transgress the parameters of your London tour guide map and show you the secret gardens of Kent and the homely pubs in Hampstead Heath.

Manners seem to be lost on the current generation but it is safe to say that the English escort will always maintain her Ps and Qs. Saying “sorry” is second nature to most British people and the English escort understands the importance of queuing and helping the elderly cross the road. The English escort may even be too polite, to the extent that she will agree to the food being wonderful, even if she is not too keen. She will never “make a scene” and if a debate gets out of hand, will encourage the opposition to discuss it further at home, or simply agree that they are right – the Lady doth protest too much – not!

Last but not least, English escorts have a fantastic sense of humor. The English escort does not take herself too seriously and will keep you laughing hard for hours with her dry wit and bemused stares. English escorts are some of the most beautiful women in the world and although they may not wear their hearts on their sleeves, it’s only a matter of time before she warms up to you.

Should you have the privilege of being in the presence of an English escort, be prepared for a master class in etiquette, and of course, the great British humor.

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