The Top Five Escort-Friendly Hotels in London

This is for the tiptoeing, over the knee length skirt, image-conscious, toiletry-packed Mary Poppins type elite escort who is always incognito, no matter the call-out. You have a day job and a pristine reputation to maintain? No problem.

Five hotels that have an escort friendly relationship

1). The Dorchester has a fantastic policy: dress well, show you have a great deal of money and at all times maintain impeccable manners that fit the criteria required. No need to endorse the ‘lets use half the bottle of the perfume’ policy that enters the lobby before you do and burns off all the facial hair and the poor concierge suffer, gasping for dear breath. The flowers arranged daily in the main lobby will suffice.

2). Claridges, now remember, you’re a stones throw away from Oxford Street and shopping delights. This place has serious heritage and everyone from Royalty to the Nouveau Riche will be rubbing shoulders there. The spirit is somewhat – what I like to call – stuffy chic, but once again the service is second to none with the most informative and radiant staff. Stick to pleasantries and there is no need to divulge while your there, it’s not necessary. It’s always a good idea to endorse a rendezvous outside of the premises, and then walk in collectively.

3). The Jumeirah Carlton will fill you with delights from all over the world, most often from the Middle East. The atmosphere is very casual, however, security is flawless and once you step inside, you will understand what a pin drop really sounds like. It is important to note that the penthouses will not be available as they will usually be booked all year round by residents. However, as a compensation, the gym is fantastic, as well as the magnificent fruit bowls and leisure activities.

4). The Four Seasons is international in clientèle; the ambience is very organic. There are no airs and graces. However, this doesn’t take away from the impressive service and the fantastic food provided via snacks to sumptuous meals and brilliant cocktails; special mention goes to the lively bar thats always buzzing with international visitors. The standard of the rooms are very good and you shall find that everyone seems to amalgamate with no friction.

5). The Connaught looks like a magnificent Victorian-era pop-up book; a gothic masterpiece. Its fine architecture is just a preliminary taster for the exquisite food and helpful staff within, who may I say, overshadow the beauty of the building.
The lobby is magical, resembling the grand staircase in Hogwarts. The best part is that the lighting is candle-lit dim, which means you can glide through straight to the lift and all any member of concierge felt was a slight breeze from the swish of your winter Max Mara coat.

P.s  Do remember to bring along your passport, it always helps!!

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