The Lovely and Mysterious World of French Escorts

French escorts are the worst kept secret in the world of companionship. You have to ask for such an elite escort, because they are normally reserved, only for the best. Visual pearls for any man who sees one, she shimmers and entices for every second longer you look at her.

A French escort does not put herself on show solely for the appeasement of men. That is to say, French escorts ensure their own comforts before they strive to impress others around them. A true sign of alluring confidence: elegant, yet scruffy; effortless, yet hygienic. She – the French escort-  is a walking nebulous composition of an assertive but also sultry woman, with hidden procrastinations covered by coy smiles and deep giggles…

Life is too short to drink bad wine

French escorts photograph so well, that you’d think you are there in the moment, lying right next to them fiddling with their tousled hair that falls gently over half their face. There’s no need for the three-ply steel-grey cashmere Regina Pyo jumper when she’s wearing such delicate French lace knickers by Eres. The lingerie is simple, yet sophisticated, and most certainly, always black. The thing is, a French escort is a walking séductrice; a woman that makes silk excited to fall all over her feminine body.
Make up? What make up? French escorts understand the importance and allure of natural beauty, and as a result, a French escort will wear minimal cosmetics with a hint of French Vintage, for example, Lanvin.

French escort are fantastic conversationalists, and you can’t help but be distracted when they stare doe-eyed at you, as you recount your latest trip to Ibiza. There full-blush lips of the French escort are slightly parted when in deep conversation. Her index finger rests gently on her bottom lip as she envisages the hot nights, sparkling waters of Ibiza’s San Vincent. The top bottom of her Mes Demoiselles silk chemise delicately comes undone. One thing to remember when discussing women from one of the most passionate countries, is that their clothes are designed tactically: easy to disrobe.
When it’s a her turn to speak, you will be astounded by her deep insight and cheeky retorts. “Wow, she’s beautiful – she has… substance,” you will think. She’s adventurous and will introduce you to experiences you thought only happened on the silver screen. Conversely, she always makes room to learn, so she doesn’t mind taking the back seat if you are the type of individual who likes to dictate the flow of conversation.

Anyone who has spent time with a French escort can concur that the rumors are true: there is more to a French escort than meets the eye. Pretentious? Who gives a damn when you are in the arms of a hot-as-hell elite French London escort ? Within seconds of meeting her, you will relinquish your pride and  be subdued to the button-popping, sock-staying experience.

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