The Healthy & Confident Escort

Needless to say, health is an imperative part of everyone’s daily life, not just a London escort. Below are some tips that that elite escort should take heed, whether she is planning on being a part-time or full-time escort…

Healthy body, healthy mind
Whatever products you use, make sure it’s the best. I’m talking about the type you buy at the local pharmacy and Boots, not at Harrods, Harvey Nichols or Selfridges. Make sure you buy products that are sensitive to the skin, and any issues you have on your mind, speak to the doctor – in the consultation room – who will provide sufficient advise and refer you to the right person. If you are shy, use an alias.

Sleep is so underrated and just because an escort goes to sleep at 3am, it doesn’t mean waking up at midday will make her feel fully rested. Our most reparative hours of sleep start from 9pm and end at 3am. If an escort still feels ‘groggy’ during the daytime, she should partake in meditation or yoga – let’s face it, she has the time.

Leading on from the second paragraph, rest is so important that when you really need those extra hours of sleep, switch the phone off and hit the hay. Avarice is never a good thing, and running from pillar to post just because you want a ‘bit more’ is futile. The clients will always be there, don’t submit to pressure from agencies or your own insecurities that you may not make bank the next month. Numbers never end, so are you really going to compete with that concept at the expense of your own health. If it’s any consolation, even millionaires get scared sometimes that it will all end tomorrow. Sit back, relax and don’t compare yourself to your peers, because that’s when your reality becomes warped.

Try to take natural organic supplements purchased from John Bell & Croydon. If it is that ‘time of the month,’ take an extra dose of B vitamins, and do resist from working. It’s not fair on your body – physically and spiritually.
Pay attention to what is in your food – you may order a matcha latte but you never realized it tasted so good because they pump two shots of almond syrup in there.

As stated by some romantic poet in the 19th Century: hair is half a woman’s beauty. The benefits of luscious hair can be achieved by a healthy diet brimming with Zinc, Magnesium and Selenium. If your landlord will permit it, try to install soft water on the main supply. This is man-made water that doesn’t take all the moisture away from our hair and skin, making our hair look shinier, thicker and yes, softer. If you are not sure what soft water feels like, pay special attention to the shower experience next time you are in a five-star hotel – special mention to Browns Hotel, The Connaught, The Arts Club, The Langham, The Dorchester, Mandarin Oriental and The Lanesborough [giggle giggle I’ve been busy!].

Hit that gym! Don’t stop eating! There is no such thing as the ‘best body,’ as long as you are semi-toned and have that healthy glow of happiness and confidence, you will look stunning. Don’t become too muscular; soft femininity is the way forward.

Don’t mess with your face, please. The most charming and good-looking men have the nicest things to say to women. The less fortunate tend to project their own insecurities onto you so you may feel that you need a few tweaks here and there. Don’t listen! Natural beauty is always preferred.

If you don’t feel comfortable, you can say no. In fact, you must say “no.”

However, you’re there for fun!!… enjoy and throw caution to the wind!!:)

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