The Geisha (芸者) Experience

A Geisha is not to be mixed up with an elite escort, but there are elements of the former mentioned that are conducive to the quality time provided by an elite escort. One needs to think about the finer details that make your experience with an high class companion as magnetic as a moth to a flame.

When we mention the word ‘Geisha’, one may have an image of a Japanese woman with an intricate ritualistic hair style embedded with decorations; a porcelain face with dolly features that are highlighted with her striking cleopatra-style jet-black eyeliner and decadent red lipstick. Nevertheless, there is so much hard work and intellectual capabilities involved, that it’s no surprise that it can cost up to £500, 000 to train a Geisha.

What are the soft behavioural characteristics of a Geisha that an elite escort echoes in her companionship?

1. Beauty starts within the heart and mind. If you have good intentions people pick up on that and even if you prefer blondes to brunettes, you may be bowled over by a redhead who has that special affectionate side to her. An elite escort will be patient, empathetic and sweet-natured. However, the intrinsic mechanism in-built in humans called the instinctive centre will be operating at all times. If an elite escort asks you to leave for whatever reason, please understand that we will back her without question.

2. Mystery is alluring! Many Geisha have a coy disposition and although you will always feel well-appreciated with copious amounts of genuine adulation, you will never quite know what lies in the depths of her heart, and this is what makes her so interesting to a man. Good vibes without getting too personal are essential for fleeting companionships that may have lasted from an hour to a year, but will stay in your memory for life.

3. Listening to an extent! Geisha are similar to elite escorts where they will listen intently and offer advice if you ask them but please note they are not there to carry a burden the weight of a tonne, even if it’s just for an hour. She will help you relax and for a short time, help you detach from the world. A true elite escort will not unload her problems onto a client as it’s childish and just not classy.

4. Be a great host! The moment a client walks in, an elite escort should ask what he would like to drink. Sparkling and still water should always be available as one should not assume everyone likes to drink alcohol. Making sure the house is warm and specific amenities are provided is essential.

5. An elite escort – like Geisha – will be able to carry a conversation with a clear point of view and there is nothing more attractive than a female who can offer a profound insight on a subject matter. Every elite escort will have a hobby she enjoys doing: playing the piano, ballet, painting, horse riding etc. Geisha are bi-lingual and are trained in at least one musical instrument.

6. Dress femininely! Geisha understand that a woman is like a flower and they convey this subtle message though the soft silks they wear, printed with gorgeous colours.  An elite escort will dress like a classy woman, understanding that less skin is more appealing and classy.

From the list above, certain individuals will hold some factors in higher esteem than others. Lilith’s favourite is a woman who feels comfortable and confident enough to speak her mind, wouldn’t you agree? Now finish your Matcha Green Tea!


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