The Best Hookup Website for Escorts to Use

When an elite escort wants to meet a man that matches all her preferences, she logs onto the following websites that help her connect to the most appropriate contenders…

I like what I see and read, let’s take it to the next level honey…

Although being pursued is fun, it’s fulfilling to assume the alpha role and ‘seek’ someone perfect for yourself. Which is why my elite escort friends and I check out several dating sites, alone or together.

iHookup is a site that requires a few questions in order to create your profile but the sign up is easy, the subscription fee being £6. The site then creates personalized reports that guide you on the type of partner you should be looking for on the site and which ones to avoid. If you have not managed to find that perfect match after three months of looking – which is highly unlikely – then you are granted another three-month extension for free.

If you have used, then it is time to upgrade to MatchAffinity which offers a more in-depth analysis through extensive tests and questions. However, you will reap the rewards of the application and its arduous process when you are matched with some of the most amazing specimens. Elite escorts in London may live in a huge metropolis but the irony is that the larger the city, the harder it is to find intimacy; everyone is just so damn busy!
This site is pricier than the first, starting off at £49.50 but it’s worth every penny.

You may be naughty like us elite escorts – I’m talking really licentious, and if that is the case, then google Adult FriendFinder right now! Here, men and women throw caution to the wind and entice others with some of the filthiest photos. This is all without a subscription – just imagine what signing up for £22.99 can offer you!

Interactive websites are more popular than ever seeing as our generation has the attention span of a gnat. has all the features of a high end e-commerce shopping site catered to your personality, just without the inanimate objects. Newsfeed? Yes. Chatrooms? Yes. Direct messaging? Yes. Status updates? Yes. Where do I sign?

Some elite escorts fit the casual, girl next door persona where anything, I mean, anything goes. Friend finder-X matches you with the correct partner, depending on what your fantasies are. There are employed hot women who offer dating advice as well as a web cam service just in case you cannot find your perfect mate. With it offering a free membership and access to nude photos, everyone’s a winner!

Many elite escorts choose to hide parts of their face when they are on an elite escorting website and this notion of assured privacy extends into the domains of dating websites. You don’t know who could be looking and whether they are serious. This is why Parship are ingenious in their approach of blurring all photos until you give them permission to show your picture in its original format. However, this happens once you have engaged the individual in conversation and feel comfortable showing your image.

Feeling lazy? That’s ok because eharmony scours through millions of profiles and creates a special shortlist for you to pick from. In other words: a cyber cupid. Once you pick your perfect partner, you need not send a lengthy message, instead a smile to keep it short and sweet. The extent at which the software searches for you depends on how long you are prepared to spend on the questionnaire so yes, you must be prepared to put in some work!

You may be curious or downright eager, just know that the further you cast the net, the more luck you will have in meeting one of us gorgeous elite escorts. I may even find you before you find me! 😉

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