The Best Cocktail Bars in London

You may be looking for a late afternoon hideaway, or even some pre-drinks before a romantic dinner. Continue reading below for some the best and most discreet bars in London, that offer fabulous beverages.

1. Disrepute, in Soho, is a members cocktail bar, which is now in place of what was originally known as The Kingly Club. Its impressive cocktail list offers all the staple mixes with an added twist; basically same same, but different. The sumptuous teal colored-velvet booths and mahogany walls offer a private drinking session for every party, as well as an excuse to dress up like a true lady.

2. Any list would not be complete without mentioning Claridges, in Mayfair, which summons nouns along the lines of decadence, opulence and custom when speaking of the hotel. The Fumoir is a hidden secret bar that you only realize how gorgeous it is when your eyes adjust to the dim lights. Everyone loves to indulge in dim lights and a secret rendezvous from time to time, and no bar will offer a more atmospheric experience – in a discreet setting – than The Fumoir.

3. Ever been lucky enough to be acquainted with an explorer? The type to keep Columbus’s love letters in his drawers; a collection of famous novels, including the first handwritten edition of a George Eliot trilogy; an Oushak rug and copious amounts of cushy furniture with mild weathering at the corners. If not, you’ll be glad to know that Marylebone has a very good rendition of such a living room, to the extent it’s almost too cozy. If your date is usually late, you can find solace in one of the comfortable armchairs in the lounge at Seymour’s Parlour, at Zetter Townhouse – just don’t fall asleep.

4. Many of us appreciate a cozy bar that also offers live music and thoughtful decorations, especially if we love conversing in the same spot for hours. For this, we recommend The Oriole, Farringdon. Why book an evening full of events when you can visit the Old World and the New World through a cocktail experience that covers flavors from the most disparate continents. You will have a tough time picking, however, as all the intriguing cocktails sound and look delicious.

5. Sometimes our evening starts in the early afternoon, and before we know it, we need a pseudo ‘pick me up’ prior to heading for the nightclub. The Espresso Martinis at The Soho Grind come in three selections, and they are some of the most delicious coffee-infused concoctions you will ever taste. Why? They use their own unique blend of coffee powder in the shake as opposed to liquor. It may sound trivial but it makes a huge difference. It’s even worth venturing down to Soho or sneaking in there on a lunch break from the office [we’ve all done it] to have a taste.

Do remember, the best bars should be able to whip up non-liquor based cocktails that are just as impressive as the alcoholic blends.

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