Tantra Massage and our Elite Escorts

When i decided to create The best elite escort agency in London i made it very clear to myself that if i want to be the best, then i must make sure every little aspect and every detail in our girls will be beyond compare.

So at first, like all other elite escort agencies in London, i collected the most beautiful and high-class escort models in London, I called in the most beautiful English escorts of Chelsea and Mayfair , and the best VIP escorts of south Kensington and the hyde-park area, English escorts, french escorts, Iranian escorts and many many more, My Elite escort galleries were packed with the finest escorts London ever had to offer…. But it was just not enough.

So i set down with a couple of the girls for a serious brain-storm, our research question for this sit-down was: Wheat makes the best Elite escort?

The answer was simple and honest: Love and care.

When a man invites an elite escort to his hotel or home, he obviously wish to open the door and find a stunning women standing in-front of him, this moment when a girl meets a boy is a priceless moment and will be the one that will determine if there will a spark!

But that is only the first spark, not the entire forrest fire.

In order to make the fire rise on all levels, there needs to be chemistry,communication and attraction, And these things can never come unless the two partners are open to each other.

This is why it is important to make sure that the woman you are letting into your house really and truly enjoys being an escort, If she does not, than be sure that she will not be open toward you and therefor will not be able to give love and care, not mentioning she will not feel attraction.

And on the other side of things, if the man is too stress, uncomfortable or shy, than he might not be able to accept the love and the entire night can go down the drain.

So the girls and I decided together: All of lilith-girls must go through a REAL tantric training, with the up-most experts of Tantra available in the European continent.

So we inquired and searched and finally discovered an amazing women, originally from india, that is currently leaving in Switzerland so to start a Tantra courses, I called her and talked to her myself, explaining to her my dream of bringing REAL tantra massage to London.

She were exited with me about the idea and 14 days later she was in my house, starting to train the girls.

To be the best Elite escort agency in London is a responsibility – And i won’t ever let you down (:   XO XO

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