Summer Makeup

How can one wear complimentary hues and shades in the sweltering heat? Well, firstly, you need to look after the base of your skin before you expect to slather good quality makeup on your face…

Skin: look after me and I will look after you 

Exfoliation is key, and you should be thoroughly cleansing once a week – twice a week if you live in a city. BaByliss True Glow Sonic Face brush are one of the many items you can purchase to help keep your skin looking fresh and complexion even.
After exfoliation, apply a good primer that will protect the face from make up blocking the pores. Primers act as a velvet-smooth barrier that is not only durable, but doesn’t seep deep into your dermis, allowing you to wash it off hassle-free. Remember: you need to ask the sales assistant whether the primer is silicon, water or oil-based because it needs to complement your foundation. The wrong primer can cause your foundation to crumble – a mess one does not need in the relentless heat of the summer, or any season for that matter. I recommend the Touche Éclat Blur Primer by Yves Saint Laurent. Go for a mattyfying effect for the daytime and an irridescent finish for the night. The Touche Éclat has flecks of gold dust – yes, real gold –  that when applied to the face deliver a glowing effect. On the contrary, if you want a good Matte coverage that doesn’t look heavy, purchase Benefit POREfessional face primer balm.

Summer-friendly makeup

Tinted moisturizers are a perfect option for those of you who are lucky enough to have beautiful, blemish-free skin and just want to add a bit of colour to your skin. Laura Mercier, Nars, Lancome, Shiseido, Clinique, Decléor are to name a few when it comes to stellar tinted moisturizers. Never look at the model on the campaign because they have airbrushed a photo with several filters on it. Instead, ask a makeup artist to colour match you. Go for Asian brands if you are yellow-toned and European products if your complexion has a pink tone. Personally speaking, Tom Ford is nothing short of a perfectionist and is the go-to brand if your coloring is from the sub-continent. If you are pink-toned, then focus on Bobbi Brown and Charlotte Tilbury.

Invest in a good application brush, and wash them thoroughly with warm soapy water everytime you use them. Never dry the brush with a hairdryer as this will split the hair – if they are non-plastic – and you will have stray brush hairs sticking to your face. Furthermore, your makeup will have brush strokes left through the unruly split-hairs. You can find a good synthetic brush but the best are usually made from sable or squirrel hair. The soft hair allows a smooth application and is non-abrasive to the skin. The best brushed can reach almost one-hundred pounds however if cared for they last a lifetime.

Travel light by using only your lipstick as your blusher and eyeshadow. That’s right, make up is make up and there are no restrictions as to where you can apply the product. By using your lipstick, you are coloring your face in a balanced method so that the tints color look natural and youthful. Opt for a lipstick that has a shine finish, rather than a matte one. Lipstick Queen, Dior, The Body Shop, Bite Beauty, Estée Lauder, Rimmel and Lola , Maybeline have some fantastic options.

To conclude, the key to makeup in the summer is wearing top quality products but with minimal application. Let your skin breathe because you have the whole of winter to wear makeup. Do take into consideration that makeup doesn’t make you beautiful……… you already are!!

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