Planning a summer escape with an escort

It may be Spring for the cynical but for those of us who have been desperately waiting for the warm medallion to stop playing hide and seek with the clouds, it’s time to go to the park and get the highlights in – if you are a proud blonde such as myself – and the crochet bikinis out.

You may want to spend some quality time with an escort and some of the most eventful and long-lasting memories took place under the pearly rays of the sun.

If you want an interval break whilst island hopping in Croatia or playing football in Hyde Park with the boys, then perhaps you can take an elite escort for a day out in London…

It’s always interesting to hear how people who don’t know us, ask if we only ever come out at night and whether we wear 15″ high heels with tight Hervé Léger dresses. Although I cannot speak on behalf of all London escorts, from the girls I have become acquainted with on Lilith, nothing could be further from the truth. They are fresh looking, young and mostly active during the day. Their dress sense is unique to their style; ranging from boho chic to futuristic and adventurous to well-groomed, sophisticated and organised. Some girls would take paint balling with a client over a dinner date at a Michelin star restaurant any day.

Escorts love the summer because it is an excuse to show off their beautiful bodies and gorgeous complexion they have been working hard all year to maintain. Below are three hotspots you may like to consider should you wish to spend the day with an escort…

I am going to start with Kew Gardens; one of the world’s leading botanic gardens. Putting aside the high accolades and it’s strong connections with the Harvard Herbaria, it is one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever been to. I went with an escort friend and she was especially impressed by the butterfly garden. It encompasses splendid glass houses, stunning galleries and significant historic buildings. It is on the District Line and approximately forty-five minutes from central London.
The next location is Hampton Court Palace which is a fifty minute train journey from Waterloo station. Henry VIII’s majestic palace: in life, it is astounding but the pictures on Google offer you an aerial view which will make your jaw drop – literally.
The British Royal family have not inhabited the premise since the 18th Century and we are so glad because it means it is open to the public. Attractions include the intricate maze, the haunted gallery, Baroque palace and the Tudor gardens. There are multiple peaceful gardens and very much like Hyde Park, when empty, you can imagine how secrets were shared between royals and statesmen that only the trees were witness to.

Last but never least, Madame Tussauds. This place is so cool and there is always a long queue outside the entrance every time I pass. Tussauds is a wax museum that houses life-size replicas of celebrities and individuals who have made history. The gallery is sub-divided into themes so that you can navigate and go straight to people that interest you most. However, every piece is so well-crafted, you will probably marvel at every one of them – especially Morgan Freeman prrrr.
Tussauds have branches in a number of cities with the pivotal museum being in Baker Street, London.

The founder, Marie Tussaud, created her first wax sculpture of Voltaire – Enlightenment writer and philosopher –  in 1777; back in that era, he would have been the equivalent of our modern-day genius Steve Jobs. The sculpture of the late Steve Jobs is my favourite because the museum have maintained the ethos of celebrating people who are historic icons; those who have made revolutionary changes that impact our daily lives. In our world of technology, entertainment, communication, user experience and thinking, Steve Jobs is one of the few who tick every box in that all encompassing bracket; a bracket that he would add new criteria’s to that we never knew existed. He is usually compared to past great inventors, for example, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Walt Disney.

The above are three places you can visit in London with a high class escort and I can guarantee she would enjoy it. Of course, there are many other hotspots in London such as the the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, The Ritz (high tea), Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, the British Museum and the list goes on. It all depends on your mood and preference.

– Felicity

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