The Steak Experience

In a city as dynamic as London, the one thing you can count on is that the quality will never plateau. Akin to that timeless film Death Becomes Her, it’s like Londinium drank this effervescent potion brought by the Romans and since then it just grows younger and it’s endurance has grown stronger. When you book an escort and you are no doubt seeking a VIP escort experience. In that case, we gently nod towards starting off with dinner. The best nights start on a full stomach and everyday there is something new to do in London.

Tried and tested by escorts who have been taken to some of the most prestigious steak houses by clients and have really enjoyed themselves, I would like to run through five of the meaty hotspots that our escorts recommended.

Flat Iron

Jenny recommends this particular restaurant for steak because of the innovation in service and laid back environment with it’s bare brick walls and available booths for seating. The meat is served on a slab on wood which makes her feel as though she is back in the cave man period. An era where a man could truly appreciate his freedom!

Shaka Zulu

Second runner up has been mentioned on countless occasions by the very sexy Emily. A woman of class and interpersonal vocations, this escort likes to wine and dine at only the finest and this is why she has selected Shaka Zulu. Emily mentioned that the 12-foot high tribal warriors that flank the interior of the restaurant are what gets her heart pumping faster and her desire stronger for adventure. She proceeds to tell us that when ‘she’s in the mood’, she loves to eat meat and this restaurant offers a 55 day aged Wagu steak which she has got her teeth around on multiple occasions. Just when you thought you need to travel to Botswana for a safari, you can see a Zebra right here on your plate. However, this may be a little too exotic for some escorts and we completely understand that.


Last but not least we have an all round favourite that at least four escorts have favourited. Located in three different locations in London. Our escorts stated that not only was the steak gorgeous but the starters and desserts were to die for. Listen up guys, an escort likes a main course and a dessert; not a starter and then a main course so when picking a restaurant, ensure the desserts are ‘kick-ass’ so to speak!

We hope you manage to dine at one of these hotspots in 2016 and when it comes to over the table conversation, you have a selection of interesting escorts to choose from here at Lilith.

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