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In the Lilith mailbox, questions from other escorts, or those simply having a giggle with their girlfriends at a slumber party, are raised not asked. I find it interesting that emails are laced – through punctuation and adjectives – with lashings of trepidation, suspicion and utter intrigue. In short, there is a certain level of doubt – from the sender, that a response will ensue, and furthermore, the person writing actually has no real-time knowledge of escorting.  It is similar to a celebrity who has a large PR team handling their twitter accounts or your parents writing Santa Claus’s response; the psychological ramifications of exposing a fictional character of comfort as, well completely fictional, was disastrous for me as a child.

Whilst we are on the subject of make-believe, you may assume that I am an SEO Content Executive working from abroad or a perplexed Copy Writing intern, shoehorned into catering for the elusive scenes that dazzle beneath the pearly smile of La Luna.
The truth is I am one of several of the frequent contributing bloggers for Lilith. You may be able to differentiate with the names or even the tone of the writing ranging from optimistic (Lulu) to sagacious (Lucy) to pragmatic (Céline) to empathetic (Valeria) and to a little feisty (Aurora). There are the occasional girls who dip in and out to blog about how fab-u-lous their life is. This level of narcissism would have fitted in perfectly had they worked in fashion blogging. I know one of the girls but the other ladies I have not yet become acquainted with. Perhaps you can guess which one I am…

I have questions I want to ask, had I the opportunity: astronauts, genealogists, surgeons, psychologists, hitmen, scapegoats, and of course, weirdo presidential candidates. Needless to say, if I quit this hazy world, I fit the right criteria (H-1B visa holding, exotic looking but still caucasian looking enough for me to be in denial that I’m ‘not foreign’) that would permit me to become ‘his’ mistress or clean ‘his’ pool. I’ll take the second option thanks.
A high-class escort named ‘Allie’ was a topic of intense discussion after her Q&A feature, albeit small, in  Freakonomics: an insightful collection of ‘economic’ articles that explored the diverse subjects that traditional economists would steer clear of. Her answers to the second visitation questions were succinct and logical. I wish more articles like this were promoted as opposed to the standard escort agencies that seek to play ‘snakes and ladders’ with Google and using manipulative terms and phrases in order to entice new girls to join. If anything, a rookie who is looking to join will have all my time in the world but just as Haggis takes time and attention to prepare, it will never be served with sugar sprinkled over it. I have been asked to talk to girls directly to see if they really want to do this and how aware are they to what it actually entails. This world can be really fun but it’s crucial you have a plan and that you don’t treat it as a lifestyle. I put more effort in deterring a girl from joining than I do massaging the hydraulic acid in my plumpy top lip every morning.

If you are an escort that is seeking advice or looking to leave, each of us have several correspondances and charities that also offer free counselling that we would be obliged to connect you with. One of them even provides complementary massages.
In order to direct your question to the right escort, please email the agency but on the subject heading list the name of the escort, followed by a colon and then the question you wish to ask.

Needless to say, just don’t ask me: Who’s ya’ daddy?

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