Some Factors to Remember When Meeting an Escort

In order to really fulfil all your desires and appreciate the ultimate escort experience. It’s important that you are comfortable with the elite escort and she is comfortable with you. Therefore, we will list some rules of etiquette one should abide by to ensure their experience is a fantastic one…

The client

If you are calling for the first time, the agency may call the room number with your name to make certain that you are a valid client. This is purely for safety precautions.
If the escort is coming to visit you, then it is imperative that you have her donation ready. Once that is out the way, then she can fully relax and you can both have an enjoyable time.
Try to answer the door immediately when you hear a knock. If the escort rings us to inform there is no answer, we will advise her to leave after five minutes as it’s rude to keep her waiting outside.
It’s a great ice-breaker if you offer the elite escort a beverage of her choice. Please order the drink after she arrives and not before. The next step is to engage in meaningful conversation. If she does not wish to drink alcohol, please respect that.

The Escort

The escort should ensure that she arrives on time, if not five minutes early so that she is relaxed and not flustered. She should always take a taxi to her destination as it’s quicker and more hygienic than using the underground.
An elite escort understands the value of good conversation and should be able to bring out the best in a client if he is a little shy. She can be well versed and may well speak several language so that you will never run out of things to talk about.
The client may ask the escort to stay longer and that is entirely up to her, not the agency. However, for the sake of safety, she should let the agency know when she has arrived and when she has left.
An elite escort needs to feel at her very best so if she feels unwell or tired, she should resist meeting anyone and instead have some time to herself.

These are soft rules of etiquette, yet very important. The safety of the elite escorts come first at Lilith.


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