What does short hair say about an escort?

The title seems pretty fruitless no? Think again my apple-loving guacamole-fearing friend. It is time for you to take a left-turn and experience something new! I’m talking about long, wavy hair that has become so common that the hair extension empire is raking in more than the hair removal industry.

Long hair has become such a cliché that I’ve seen men AND women double take when they see a girl walk past with short hair. What does a crop or bob say about a woman? Well considering that hair is half a woman’s beauty, then it shows confidence and strength and as much as it’s a personal decision, it is something acknowledged by the public in our physical surroundings. A girl with short hair is NOT masculine and some escorts look even more feline with a bob as it accentuate her soft features and model-esque cheekbones .

1). She does not care about getting bolognese all over her shirt. It’s just clothes and since fashion died with Alexander McQueen, she will claim it’s from a Yeezy collection.

2). It’s a political statement to show that this escort will find a way to appeal to firstly herself (pay attention as she is likely to have toys) and then, a patriarchal society without endorsing the conventional tactics of looking good. Let me remind you that there is pretty and then there is BEAUTIFUL. And a hot face just isn’t enough to sustain even an FHM subscriber nowadays.

3). In a society where we all strive for individuality, the shorter the hair on a woman, the less she gives a s*** about what you think. That –  in itself – may put a man on the defensive but it’s more attractive than a girl who sits there doey eyed agreeing to everything you say:

Optimistic gentleman: “Would you like a Sriracha Hot Toddy with extra whiskey?”

Long haired maiden: “Sure baby”

Bewildered gentleman: “…but I thought you don’t drink?”

Confused Long haired maiden: “Sure hunny, you’re so funny”

Bored gentleman who already misses his wife: “er, ok then.”

Remember , it is easy to be unique as a group but can you be unique as a person?

4). A short haired girl is fun and doesn’t mind walking out with the ‘rolled out of bed / tousled hair’ look. She will try new things because if she doesn’t like the fried spiders from Cambodia recommended by the food critics from The Standard, then she just won’t eat them again and will wait for dessert to cleanse her palate. In the case of a haircut, she will wait a year before she looks like a Disney damsel again.

5). She is sporty and outgoing. Sure, girls with long hair hit the gym too but who takes their job more seriously: Anna Kournikova or Tatiana Grigorieva…exactly my point.

6). She is super hygienic. The girls I know with short hair wash it every day as opposed to girls with long hair who sometimes wash their hair with that gross dry shampoo spray. You can argue that our hair washes itself with self-regulating oils secreted by the scalp but when you live in London, a day in Oxford Circus is enough to make you feel like Santa.


At Lilith, there are a few girls who have gone for the chop such as Jenny, Emily (highly recommended), Sakira and Shadi.

To be outwardly beautiful, does a woman need to assert a submissive and docile approach? You decide. If you cannot make your mind up, ask the receptionist for the most gorgeous short haired and long haired escort and see them as a couple and we are sure you will have completed that survey. Actually, we doubt you will still be able to make up your mind 😉

P.S before I get hit with a lawsuit from hygienic, outgoing and sagacious feminists who sport long hair, please bear in mind that all these articles should be taken lightly, just like short hair – SHORT, SHORT, SHHHhhh…

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