Russian Escorts in London

At Lilith, a great deal of our time is reserved for voyeurism (no, really – a huge amount of time), and the things we study most are images of nature at its most powerful, parked classic cars, speeches by revolutionary scientists and photos of stunning Russian models. Like a cosmic balancing act of the universe, the coldest place in the world has the hottest women…

Russian escorts are simply the best 

Due to discretion policies implemented by certain Russian model escorts, we cannot document all the beauties that we work with. However, there are two visible elite Russian escorts that can be seen on the Lilith escort agency website: Ekaterina and Maria,Both these elite Russian escorts stand apart from many women through their manners, charm, assertiveness and beauty. Being as unpretentious as they come, both Ekaterina and Maria are a joy to be around.

Russian escorts London are hard to miss, especially with features that boast fantastic genetics. These elite Russian escorts have skin so clear and translucent, you can see the water trickle down their throat when they drink; legs as skinny and delicate as a gazelle, and hair so fine and silky, it slips through your fingers like sand. The face of a Russian escort is asymmetric, with features that a sculpture would love to base his emulations on. Russian escorts are natural beauties who look better without any make-up on, and on the rare occasion that they reach for the beauty bag, they opt for red lipstick – no one carries rouge better than a Russian beauty.

Russian escorts London come mainly from St. Petersburg, which is home to countless stunning women. Moscow… with its gorgeous squares and inhabitants, is not far behind on the beauty richter scale.  Nonetheless, the more exotic beauty can be found in Siberia, with her almond-shaped eyes and honey-colored skin, framed with beautiful thick hair. There is no room for stereotypes here,  the Russian escorts represented by Lilith are some of the most playful and sweet-natured creatures you will ever meet. Russian escorts are fantastic hosts who understand the importance of a warm reception and a sweet farewell. A Russian escort can never be too feminine, which is why you can guarantee a Russian escort girl will have her nails, skin and hair in perfect condition. Perfume is instrumental is making a mark in someone’s memory and creating positive sensations; particular scents being indicative of a Russian escorts taste and personality-type. Shopping for the right perfumes – like Creed, Dior, and Tom Ford – takes time and dedication, where a Russian escort – very much like an Arabic escort – will search meticulously for a complementary scent. No perfume trends: just a scent that matches their pheromone complex and unique personality. The notion of the right perfume is one of many examples where a Russian escort will assign due diligence in order to accentuate her beauty and impress as an individual. As she evolves as a women, her tastes change and so does the perfume, accordingly. A Russian escort is assertive and never static in her development, which is proven through her work ethic and clear direction in her set goals. When she’s smart, she’s above average; when she beautiful, she’s spectacular. And when she speaks, she’s direct, yet kind. Isn’t honestly the best policy?

The conscientious efforts a Russian escort implements into her beauty regime can be attributed to her surroundings, also. Russian escorts London have the best apartments, usually in Mayfair. The residences are clean, minimalist and fragrant, with the most finest sourced ingredients from the Far-East – most notably Jasmine, Gardenia and Rose. When there are decorations and amenities, it is of extremely high quality: beautiful oil paintings, fur throws, the latest Nespresso machine and antique mirrors. No doubt, knowledge passed through generations of women who take pride in their humble abode, Russian escorts are some of the best private hosts. Learning some of the infamous recipes from babushka, a Russian escort may whip up a sumptuous syrniki (cheese pancakes) if she likes you!

If you are planning a long or short trip abroad, Russian escorts make excellent companions. These elite Russian escorts know how to live for the moment and bring the best out of anyone. How do you spot a Russian escort on the beach? It is the woman that wears the bikini, not the bikini wearing the woman. Bikinis and lingerie – and to be fair, all exquisite high-end brands (Bottega Veneta, Chloe Gosselin, Giambattista Valli, Lanvin, Pucci, Marni, Rochas, Valentino, Erdem, Miu Miu, Altuzarra, Etro, Givenchy, Oscar de la Renta etc.) go charmingly well with Russian women. Their bodies are perfectly proportioned, which explains why accredited Russian models on instagram are sent the latest creations by top fashion houses to promote. There was also an influx of Russian supermodels in the 1990s who became the main competitor to the Brazilian wave that the fashion industry experienced.

Putting aside education and beauty, one must remember that humility is not a virtue that everyone possesses, and it is the very humbleness of Russian escorts that make them so appealing. They have a strong work ethic and will always listen respectfully in conversation. They are kind, smart, interesting and interested.
Russian escorts are smart, assertive and witty. There is never a pause, and whether you are looking to sit back and relax in the sunset with harmless banter, or have a serious discussion about engineering, physics and infrastructure, a Russian escort will never fail to impress. A beautiful Russian escort will stun you even more when she reveals she speaks more than two languages and loves to read. Harnessing a rich intellectual life, a Russian escort is more than just a pretty face.

Russian women are like an exquisite fabergé: the moment you open one beauty, you find, there is another just as beautiful…so much choice, so much beauty.

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