Rules of the Vine

The wine-loving generation has migrated to a younger crowd, where the days of bringing vodka to a house party, using soy sauce instead of vino for the bolognese, or even feeling intimidated about ordering wine in a French restaurant are coming to an classy finale. Read on for tips on finding top-quality bodies and how to treat them with the utmost respect…

Vino rules – London escorts love a man who’s prepared
Vino tip 1: Bubbles have floated to the first place and our love affair with Champagne will not be cooling anytime soon. Champagne is sparkling wine that comes from the region of Champagne, France. If you are looking to break the ice with a London escort, then Champagne is a wonderful drink with an inoffensive taste. Champagne makes us giggle and the dainty glasses and mesmeric floating beads makes a London escort always reach for a second glass.
Champagne mixes have become so popular [French 75, Mimosa, Bellini, Kir Royale, Black Velvet, Poinsettia], that there are swanky bars in New York and London dedicated to it, served by the best mixologists in the country.

Vino tip 2: Taking a London escort on a wine-tasting trip in France or South Africa, for example, is one of the most amazing dates a client can arrange – it is thoughtful and romantic, and even offers an escort a true introduction to wine if this is her first time. Taste and appreciate the different aromas of a Cineast or Cabernet Sauvignon whilst traveling through a historic wine cellar. The air is crisp and gorgeous in these locations so restaurants have access to fresh farm food. Furthermore, nothing beats taking a bottle of what you tasted back to the chalet with the London escort.

Vino tip 3: Never be afraid to ask the waiter for advice. If you are taking a beautiful London escort out for a date, you no doubt want to impress her as much as she’s inspired you. However, being authentic and asking questions about something you are not sure about is a sign of intelligence and inner confidence. If you like full-bodied, dry, spicy wine, then tell the waiter. He may even suggest something that is not on the menu!

Vino tip 4: You can drink in some exciting places: 45,000 ft high in the air, certain ball games, in the park and even at independent cinemas in London. Many London escorts love an outdoor cinema where quiet conversations and interactions are permitted. Bring a bottle of Shiraz and a few snacks to show how well you’ve planned the evening. Try to pick a long film under the genres of sci-fi, thriller or romance, because too much action makes it impossible to hear each other speak.

Vino tip 5: You do not need to know too much – just the basics, if you are brushing up on your wine knowledge:

Acidic: Crisp and fresh, not rich and smooth
Oxidized: Nutty, toasty aroma which happens after the wine has been exposed to oxygen
Barnyard: A unique after-taste that can be a result of the grape being grown close to any other type of produce e.g an Apricot orchard

Also note that the back of the label tells you more than the front.

Vino tip 7: You’ve booked a London escort for an overnight and she decides to cook for you – how quaint. You jump into the local winery and the connoisseur is busy serving a customer. Rest assured, there is an app called Vivino which informs you of competition pricing, foods that go with a particular wine, information on where it was grown and customer reviews. All you have to do is scan the label.

Vino tip 8: Capped wine does not mean it is of poor quality. A Russian friend taught me this after asking me to compare different wines from his collection side by side whilst I was blindfolded.

Vino tip 9: Red wine should be served slightly chilled, not cold or at room temperature.

These tips are some of many to consider if you are looking to spend some quality time with a London escort. If you don’t have time to study about wine, then play it safe: for red buy Italian, for white buy Spanish, and opt for French if you are looking for a solid rosé.

Don’t underestimate the art of wine, the tipple can be that good, the elite London escort will be asking to see you and that bottle again.

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