Restaurants to visit with your Elite escort

Despite being head turners whenever they walk into a room, an elite vip escort holds discretion and privacy as her most significant factors when being taken out. It has nothing to do with the client, but everything to do with the high one can experience when moving inconspicuously through a crowd. Stunningly attractive women are used to attracting alot of attention and because of this they usually like to eat in restaurants that offer a more private dining experience. Yes, even the most beautiful girls are tired of being ogled at and approached; they want to be able to walk the streets without people wolf-whistling or modeling agencies approaching them. Dining in, shall we say, ‘pompous isolation’ or intimate settings enable the elite vip escort to focus on the client and have a deep one-to-one conversation. Being beautiful doesn’t mean modeling is on the cards or escorting is a priority in their lives. As more and more gorgeous girls use elite vip escorting as a means to support their future plans and day-job, there is a continued – and stronger – emphasis on moving discreetly and planning tactfully.

Clandestine London – restaurants to have an affair in 
I’m talking so hidden that the black ops could orchestrate an operation there. Read on below for some of London’s hidden culinary gems. Remember, these restaurants are so discreet that they are never short of bookings. You can try your luck a night before, but the rule always goes with London top restaurants: book two weeks in advance, minimum.

Umu is an exquisite Japanese restaurant based in Bruton Place, Mayfair. The setting is smart casual and the cosy glass booth – former wine cellar – is not only an example of architectural prowess, it is a hidden haven where you won’t be the subject of anyone else’s eyes.

While we focus on the Mayfair district, we must not forget Alan Ducasse. The restaurant is located in The Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane. Now, although the plush glamour of the Dorchester competes with the intoxicating aroma of the fresh flower display, there are other noteworthy attractions within the establishment. The 3-Michelin-Star restaurant has a gorgeous hidden dining table called ‘Table Lumière,’ which is shrouded by a regal oval drape. The table, laden with Saint-Louis crystal and Hermès china, will impress any woman, and with the restaurant being located in the heart of London’s most exquisite hotel, you are definitely going upstairs! The best part is that you do not have to walk in together as there are two separate entrances.

The Jones Family Project in Shoreditch offers some discreet tables in the corners of the restaurant. The mood lighting, pillars and downstairs dining offer a unique and private dining experience. Nothing gets the pheromones flowing like red wine and steak. If things get too heated, you only need to walk 1oo yards to reach the Hoxton Hotel on Great Eastern Street.

Covent Garden is so busy that you can easily blend into the crowd and move stealthily with your female counterpart. Blind Spot is one of London’s best kept secrets. Located on St Martins Lane, the bar is built on the façade of a plush tea counter. The cocktail menu is inspired by the teas and flavours that dominated trade during the British Empire – here we go! Expect cocktails that will evoke tastes from Chennai, Florence, Mumbai, Osaka and many more. The enclosed booths ensure optimum privacy and romance.

Have you ever taken a girl to the market on a date? It can be very romantic, especially when you are tasting foods you never knew existed. Borough Market live up to its hype, and so do the restaurants within. The Southwark Tavern is a fantastic restaurant / bar with vaulted alcoves that allow you to drink, laugh, kiss and talk loudly without the fear of anyone else eavesdropping.

Liverpool Street can be relatively quiet late at night. As a result, it is a smart idea to meet in the City of London. Vertigo 42 is the highest bar in London so you need not worry about your Italian mother-in-law spying from her balcony because even her Canon binoculars don’t reach that far! The tables are placed all over the restaurant, but with 99.9% of the diners attention being on the breathtaking view of London city, you won’t have even a glance thrown your way.

Wine and romance are one of the best couples in the history of mankind. This 19th Century West End bar is located in candle-lit, vaulted cellars beneath Villiers Street. The drinks are served atop wine barrels and the colour dripping candles are a huge aphrodisiac. The dining area lighting is so dim, you can barely see the visage of the couple sitting two meters away from you. Affair proof? Definitely!

If you want to dine discreetly in the high heights of the Heliot Steak House at the top floor of The Hippodrome, or ground floor level in a derelict train carriage at Caboose in Brink Lane, London will always be able to accommodate. Whether you want to garner attention or shy away from it completely, London will never let you down; it’s best city in the world for a reason!!:)


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