Redhead Elite Escorts: Its all in the genes...

As a member of the web team, I would like to take a moment out to discuss my love of redhead elite escorts. Dolly Parton understood very well when she sang anxiously about some chick possessing the ability to influence her man whose "beauty was beyond compare with flaming locks of auburn hair". I don't listen to country music by the way. However, many empathised with the song and it became a world hit because we all know redheads are dangerously charming. Luckily, there are four of us so if Sansa or Alice from Lilith ever read this, they will be kept undisclosed to the culprit who raves about those scorching goddesses...

The magical formula is MC1R; the gene that produces redheads. The vibrant tresses comes in all varieties of gorgeous: wine, crimson, ruby, plum, currant, mahogany, lipstick, scarlet, mercury, strawberry, and the colour scale is limitless. A redhead elite escort is not just a beautiful woman with coconut-white skin, raspberry coloured juicy lips and delicate freckles – oh no my friend. Let me discuss why redhead elite escorts is a very high cut above the rest.

A redhead elite escort is more physically sensitive due to their stimuli resting on a larger polarity scale. Redheads feel hot and cold temperatures more rapidly. Every touch and caress has a pronounced effect, which is why elite redhead escorts tend to be the most sensual of all the elite escorts. It is a known fact that redhead elite escorts love what they do. Combine explorative play with words of tease and it does not
take much for a hot redhead to reach the big … objective!
If the above didn’t phase you, then listen to this: a redhead will feel more sensitive to feelings of pleasure but more resilient to sensations that are painful, such as burning. They really are goddesses with the ability to consume pleasure and filter out pain – put away the candle boys, it won’t scare these lava-hot sirens [starting to wonder why Daenerys was not a redhead].

The Scent of a Woman can only be measured by her natural smell. A redhead elite escort has ‘sexy’ emanating from her pores. Due to their unique pheromone production, redheads have a musky sweet smell on their skin. A man who likes the look of a redhead better grasp the prayer beads when he approaches her because once he smells her, he’s a fly in a fly trap crushed under the overwhelming power of lust and desire.

A redhead elite escort craves it and by ‘it’, I’m not talking about chocolates or Jimmy Choos. Redheads have substantially more – 41% more – under the sheet rumbles than their blonde and brunette counterparts. This is not surprising, however, as women with the MC1R gene, which supplied the second paragraph of this blog, are the most erotic of all women – even if they don’t realize it. Paintings from the Neo-classical and Early Renaissance era depicted muses with red hair as the object of voyeurism and desire. Even Lilith and the Mary Magdalene from the Bible were described as having red hair.

The term a hot-headed redhead must not be overlooked. A redhead elite escort has the ability to channel any strong energy or anger into extra-curricular activities.

Now you know why I secretly pine after Alice and Sansa.


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