First Real Tantra Massage Escort in London

It is very hard to find a REAL tantra massage in London, rare are the ladies who really devoted the needed time to learn the art of sexual energy healing and most of the tantra massages provided in London are no more tantric than a cheap massage parlour in Thailand!

Tantra massage is a form of healing, of course, it is also a highly enjoyable activity, but at it main core the real tantric massage provided an ever-all cleansing and balance of the mind.

The main principle behind the REAL tantra is the balancing of the Kundalini energy and removal of non-benefiacial held backs and problems.

The Kundalini is the Indian name given to the Libido, which is the life force that makes us desire things in life and therefore operates as the main motivation source in our life.

Other than it healing effects, the REAL tantra massage is an act of LOVE, it is not just a technical thing but a real and true communication between a feminine energy to a male energy.

Women are the receptors of reality, like the flower that receives the sunlight and turns it to food, same the women is the receiver of energy that later on transforms to life, In th REAL tantric massage the women is is charge of extracting the kundilini energy from the man, so to rebalance it for the man well-being.

A proper real tantra should start with a short breathing exercise, in which both partners should practice to breath together and sychronise their heart beats and rhythm , only after the two become one, the Tantric healing will begin.

To experience a REAL tantric massage is a one in a life time delight that every Elite man should have.

All the independent Elite escorts our Tantric massage Galleries are experts in the art of Tantra and will be happy to enjoy an intimate and holistic moment with respectble and kind gentleman’s.

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