Questions to ask an escort agency of you are an escort

Yesterday, I spoke briefly about why the transition from an independent to an agency can be beneficial. Today, I will briefly cover subjects that an elite escort can ask a new agency so that she can avoid scammers. The escort also needs to understand what the agency’s pre-requisites are and whether or not the agency rules suit her so that suits her lifestyle / schedule well.

The following are questions that you should pose when interviewed by an agency…

1) The pay structure

The pay structure is important because an escort needs to know how much commission she is paying the agency and whether or not they negotiate to take a lower cut from you, should the client mediate. This is an industry where many of the lines are blurred and as a resul
t, negotiations constantly take place. Just make sure you are happy at the end of it. Remember, the longer the booking, the more likely that the clientele will be upscaled and that your time and effort in getting ready is well invested.
Press further to find out how often the agency will ask to collect fees and whether you pay them in hand or they transfer the money to you.

2) The schedule of the agency 

Some agencies experience different peak times and it is advised that you make it clear what times an elite escort is available to work if she has other commitments. An agency may
get m
ost their calls after midnight and if you switch your phone off in the early evening, then you should opt for another escort agency with a different rota.

Be ready for an agency keeping you busy which, at first, is thrilling but after a certain amount of time of being run into the ground, the sparkle soon turns to rust and you’d be surprised how quickly money loses it’s value. If you are at this stage now, fret not, because it’s a sign that your soul is in tact but crying for help and you should not ignore that before you end up losing yourself completely.

3) Expectations:

Every escort agency will have different expectations and you need to explore what their prerequisites are. Some agencies don’t care if you remind them of your availability whereas others need to know your schedule so that the appropriate recommendations can take place. A client may ask for a particular escort asap and she needs to be there within 20mins else he will lose patience and cancel. If a supermodel can exit and enter a runway with a new change of clothes in less than 1.5 minutes, then an escort can change in 8 mins. Think Clark Kent, only being stuck in traffic.

Tomorrow I will discuss further other questions you can ask an escort agency if you are an escort looking to join.


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