As we provide Elite London Escorts, we wanted to give you some inside information...

Food is one of the most celebrated and means for celebrating activity in history. Some of our elite escort agency girls love eating out at Michelin star restaurants or cooking up a beautiful feast from recipes they learnt at home. Every London elite escort is different and some are not too bothered about ostentatious dinners and eat food purely for sustaining energy, achieving a body type they desire and stimulating endorphins. The latter points towards nutriments that are an aphrodisiac; food that incites lust.
Through timeless research over the past few months, we have a huge number of elite escorts as well as every one of our own beautiful escorts that we have asked what specific foods turn them on...

Eating one of our delicious elite escort agency girls is not recommended, unless there is cream involved. 

Keira, our Scandinavian elite escort loves Asian food and always opts for a dish with chillies in it. Want to know why? There is a chemical found in spicy peppers – Capsaicin – which boosts the blood flow round the body and stimulates nerve endings. Therefore, every caress has that pronounced effect.

Alice adores the creamy texture of avocados and after eating them, always feels romantic and feminine. This elite escorts maintains her beautiful dewy skin by blending avocados every morning will milk and lots of honey for her daily shake. Explanation? This fruit regulates a cocktail of hormones – the good type – namely, estrogen and progesterone, which in turn promote more fluid to run through the channels.

Bananas! Michelle tells us she loves them due to the natural sweetness of the fruit. This yellow boomerang is packed with potassium and tryptophan, containing the right amino acids to boost your serotonin levels, uplifting your mood and happiness levels. We recommend bananas as much as we recommend this gorgeous elite escort, Michelle.

We were waiting for when an elite escort would mention the woman worshipping delicacy: chocolate! The only other thing in the world which makes a woman feel as close to falling in love with another person, is when she eats chocolate. This is due a chemical in chocolate called phenylethylamine, so now you know not to give Emily too much!

Annette, our most physically active elite escort, maintains a healthy diet and lifestyle, incorporating organic and seasonal food. Every summer, this high class escort visits the farmers market to buy in-season pomegranates. These red-seeded naughties are brimming with antioxidants, building the lining of blood vessels causing hypersensitivity.

Alicia loves a glass of red of red wine – responsibly – in good company. Wine owes its passion power to a chemical called resveratrol which improves circulation during inter…action.

The smell of vanilla is gorgeous and it’s no surprise that there has been an unprecedented rise in Vanilla-based perfumes on the market. Shadi puts several droplets of vanilla essence in her tea every morning as it increases stimuli. She tells us that the vanilla makes her hypersensitive to pleasure. In the shower, she feels every droplet of water, the summer breeze warms her very soul and a hug feels like a beanie bag.

These are foods you can incorporate when making a meal at home or ordering as side dishes when dining with a beautiful elite escort.

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