How to Stay Positive When Working as an Elite Escort

Companionship is a very spiritual thing, so much so that several good encounters can make an escort feel as though she is walking on air; all it takes is one bad experience to drain her motivation levels and deplete the mass endorphins she has accumulated over the month. Below are some points to muse over and maybe endorse when working as an elite escort.

Positive mind, positive actions, positive life

Handle your own finances, with the help of an accountant, and do not give your earnings to anyone else. The elite escort should work when she feels like it and not because an agency, madam or individual is pushing her to operate against her consent. If they are so keen on business or hitting a target, then they – the agent – can go out themselves and do the real work.
For the love of god, do not keep all your items in the house. Go see an accountant, lawyer and register with a local GP – tell them everything because your files are kept confidential. You – the escort – are legitimate and anyone hovering over you, is not.

Let’s not be naive, every escort has her own private clients that she feel very close to, and that’s fine if you trust them. Make an effort to keep yourself exclusive, however, and don’t pass your number to everyone. If you have a stalker on your hands who rings you for five hours a day, the agency cannot help you if you went against protocol and swapped numbers.
If you have a minimum of three, or even one, trusted client(s) who provide you with a considerable amount, it’s better than working for six agencies and offering companionship to strangers several times a day. You may earn less but your soul will thank you for it and your essence will be able to renew itself. Plus, do you not prefer spending time with thoughtful and kind individuals who are on the same wavelength? Would you not prefer to chill with someone you know and wear flat shoes and no make up as opposed to walking into a hotel dressed like a footballers wife, with make up like it’s a graffiti competition?

Be positive, hang out with your friends outside escorting as well as within. That way you have a familiar voice – an elite escort – to confide in and you also keep one foot firmly in the real world of routine. The world of escorting should only be temporary in order to help boost your long-term career and confidence financially. If you treat it as a lifestyle, you will no longer control your part in the industry, but the industry will control you wholly.
Tip: Do not tell your friends – who are not escorts – what you do, and if you decide to buy something expensive, don’t let them see it. Girls love to gossip, and not only will they expect you to pick up the tab, but they may hide a small amount of envy that you had the courage to make this decision in order to get yourself up on your own two feet. Your earnings are yours, and if they keep expecting you to take them out and cover the expenses, then tell them they are welcome to talk to a madam. People love to spend other people’s money, it’s a fact.

Take time and and go traveling to places you always dreamed of. Go with a close girlfriend and if you are alone, make sure you stay safe. Pick up a creative hobby, like photography, and take your camera with you. It may sound corny but your mind is like a parachute; it only works when it’s open. Take weeks, if not, several months break from escorting. Your mind only starts to fully relax in a new environment and detach from a routine after three weeks.

You want to be part of the excluded minority as opposed to the excluded majority

Don’t be the stereotype and spend your time shopping and lunching mindlessly. Be responsible and spend at least a small part of everyday deciding what you want to pursue in your next career, whether that be getting on the property ladder, opening up a business or strengthening your skills in your day job – if you have one.

Employ a balanced lifestyle and accept that anyone, in any profession, will feel up and down.  In order to increase the probability of you staying healthy and content, eat a clean diet, drink two liters of alkaline water a day, get at least twenty minutes of sunshine daily, have at least eight hours of sleep a night, switch off your phones – including wi-fi – when you sleep and don’t fall prey to narcotics and alcohol. You don’t need alcohol or drugs to stay happy or to have a good time.

Be yourself but always stay cautious. You will not reap any benefits from ingenuity and falsehood because clients can see through a fake demeanor, and you will exhaust yourself from wearing a mask. Being confident in your own skin makes a powerful impact on those with bonified intentions, and it intimidates those who do not.  The client must abide by your rules, but never forget to stay feminine.

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