Pile on the smiles

An idiomatic phrase may not be grammatically correct but it’s a set of words that stick with us for a lifetime. The ‘Million dollar’ smile was a term coined to describe, albeit a lazy way, a smile that would stop traffic and make the toughest of gentleman’s hearts melt.

The reason I am talking about a smile is because it’s an age-old pacifier for a tense initial meeting. We all get nerves and there is a wash of relief that floods through every capillary in our body when the person we are meeting greets us with a heart-warming smile…ahh!

The best way to ensure you will have a fun and memorable time with an elite escort, is to look at the width of her smile in the photos. It’s difficult as most high-class escorts prefer to remain hidden and since the eyes are one of the most dazzling features on an escort, you are left to focus on the curves and bends of the model girl…I’m talking about her smile, not bust!

Some escorts pose with a smouldering gaze into the horizon which carries an air of aloofness with it. The problem is that you cannot always judge the photos because it would have been the photographer who had a majority of input regarding her facial expression and posture. However, the photographer would have redacted certain elements of her personality and emphasised them in the photos which means that your gut instincts upon initial viewing is normally correct – for your taste.

An elite escort who is dynamic in her photos and smiling from ear to ear will most probably be an easy-going, experimental and humoured type of escort. We see beautiful women all the time, in the office, in shops, at night clubs, standing behind the concierge desk, bored senseless in art galleries, the hostess at a restaurant etc. so what? What makes a beautiful woman an alluring one? A smile of course. A smile is an affirmation that you are acknowledging someone, paying attention and listening to them. Three traits that are harder to sustain than they sound.

A smiley escort, so to speak, will make heads turn and other gentleman envious of your gregarious company. A smile leads to laughter and once you make an elite escort laugh, then you know you are a true gentleman. Minutes feel like seconds and and hours feel like minutes when you are in the presence of a charming escort who flashes her smile and keeps you entertained. It will be a memory that you will look back on and smile.

When you smile, forget about the world smiling back; you just feel a great deal better and that’s the main thing 😉

Smile away xxx

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