Picking the right agency

Working as an independent escort can be difficult, especially in an economy that is crumbling. More and more independent escorts are joining London escort agencies and there are numerous reasons why they do not look back. I used to be an independent escort but I quickly grew tired of it. That is not to say that you cannot do well as an independent escort but you certainly can make more money 

one positive thing about working with an agency is that you can have a steady schedule with an agency and if you prove yourself to be honest, reliable and professional, then you can be sure that you will be the girl highly recommended by the agency when a client is lost for choice.

Quality not quantity

Not all agencies are busy and sometimes, even if they are, it’s hard to guarantee you will get a lot of work due to the sheer number of escorts applying everyday. I recommend that you look for a classy looking site with an intimate number of girls because then you know the agency has a specific list of regulars which means they do not have to throw the nets wide to ensure that any girl is available for every type of client. For example, if there is a wide range between the fees from low to high, then the relationship the agency will have with clients will tend to be inch deep and mile wide as opposed to the preferable, and more safer, option of a liaison that is inch wide and mile deep. I appreciate there are several entendres here but that is not my intention!

The receptionist

Ring the agency. Get a feel for the voice of the person. Are they patient and polite? Remember, a receptionist with gravitas and manners means that they have no time for time wasters or rude clients which means you are likely to meet a higher quality of gentlemen when you work. The agency should put their girls on a pedestal and treat the clients politely.

The above are two pointers to consider when looking to join the escort agency world but tomorrow I will discuss the questions an elite escort should ask before joining an escort agency.

Have a great night Xx

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