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Offering the best of entertainment in the West End, Covent Garden is home to the Royal Opera House, the Theatre Royal and the Vaudeville Theatre. Covent Garden escorts love to be taken to the ballet or the opera, and nothing is more romantic than choosing a specific feature that you believe your leading lady would enjoy. We recommend Madame Butterfly, coming up in April, and The Exterminating Angel in July.
Have you ever tried an opera menu? There are some incredible restaurants in Covent Garden, and they can be booked months in advance due their popularity. That’s right! It’s easier to get a booking in several Mayfair eateries than it is at some renown restaurants in the Covent Garden area. Barrafina offers Tapas food which is on par with Spanish food in top Barcelonian restaurants; Bocca di Lupo is a swanky Italian restaurant that offers real Italian cuisine – with a twist, and Clos Maggiore is an amazing French restaurant with an impressive wine list and a gorgeous dining conservatory filled with blossoms.
The more you plan an evening, the more grateful a Covent Garden escort will be. You don’t need to worry about the taxi rush after the performance, because the Covent Garden escort lives nearby.

The Covent Garden Piazza offers craft stalls, street performers and a market that truly comes alive in the summer. Apple does not need any more promotion than it already has but it’s worth noting that Apple’s most impressive London store is in Covent Garden.
After a full days shopping at Covent Garden Piazza, you may want to lower your bags and indulge in some outside tea at The Ivy or Le Pain Quotidian – all in the same vicinity. A covent garden escort will meet her friends for tea and cake, normally in the afternoon. The energy is addictive and it’s no surprise that these Covent Garden escorts London do not venture to other parts of the city.

The historical aspects of Covent Garden should not be ignored, especially as it forms some insight into why the buildings and attractions are so diverse.

Not too far from the bustling market, are a series of interesting buildings you may overlook. The following four streets are brimming with culture and history: Drury Lane, Russell Street, Bow Lane and Longacre. They are also home to some the most beautiful Covent Garden escorts, who prefer to be located in the more discreet areas of the neighborhood.
The back block of the Drury Lane Gardens, is a building known as The Cottage. This cottage would have been the watch house for the gardens – when there still would have been a burial grounds – to ensure that no body smugglers could take a body. These bodies were stolen to be used by universities for surgical practices.
On Russell Street, you will walk past a discreet building with blue doors. This is the Church of Scotland Crown Court. This church was set up when the followers of the King of Scotland continued down to London  to the city to worship in 1603. In the 1920s, the building was merged with a theatre, currently seen on its right hand side. Covent Garden escorts love to dress up and go to the theatre, especially with a gentleman. Further on from the Church of Scotland, you will see a nondescript building, characterized by its high walls and stain-grey windows. There we have the Covent Garden telephone exchange which serves over four-thousand commercial and personal properties.

Bow street was constructed in the 1630s, and over history has held many important and famous buildings; one example being the Magistrates’ Court. By the 1730s, the street had eight pubs where many Covent Garden escorts of the Victorian era would come to charm clients. However, in today’s Bow Street, none of that exists, and the Covent Garden escorts work independently from websites, meeting clients safely only through an incall or outcall that has been arranged before-hand.

Another landmark on Bow Street, is The Royal Opera House. Due to fire damage, the building has been renovated four times. The glass facade, otherwise known as the Floral Hall, was a flower market in the late 19th Century. The Floral Hall was added on to the 1990s re-development of the building, which serves as the main public area for anyone visiting the theatre.
On the subject of deterioration and re-development, many of the impressive buildings suffered partial bomb damage from the Second World-War, and as a result, some of the buildings are juxtaposed with different bricks and colours.

Longacre street was developed in the 17th Century, which hosts Covent Garden tube station. This street was once famous for its production of coaches and cars, amongst other vehicles. On Broad Court, you will find many alleyways that lead onto parallel streets. These alleyways have been around since the 18th Century, and they are a very staple feature in Covent Garden. The central square block in Broad court has been here since the 1860s, and the recent residential re-developments of Fletcher and Sheridan buildings have turned them into private spaces. This is a fantastic location for a Covent Garden escort to live as she’s right by Leicester Square underground station, and any food amenities are less than ten meters away. A Covent Garden escort will also utilize the award-winning cocktails bars in lift the pressure when she needs to entertain. The Odeon may be close by, however, you need more of an imagination than the cinema, which is why we advise you book something more ‘live’ if you want to impress. Ronnie Scott’s is North of Leicester Square, on Frith Street. This unique jazz bar is very close to the musical bars in New York and Chicago. Hours turn into minutes and minutes into seconds when you sit with a Covent Garden escort, sipping on a Moscow Mule and enjoying the jazz.

A Covent Garden escort is proud of the area she lives in, and certain that any client would be well-entertained in such a vibrant environment, that offers a plethora of history. It just goes to show just how much history and culture exists around us everyday, and how much we can miss if we don’t ask. If you are looking for a tour guide, why not book a beautiful and tall Covent Garden escort? At least, you can spot her easily if you lose each other in the crowds!

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