Pearls of the East - Asian Escorts

Women from East Asia provide some of the most exhilarating experiences when looking for genuine companionship, and not for reasons you may initially summon.

Asian Escorts at Lilith

East Asian escorts at Lilith come from either Korea, Taiwan, China, Japan or Mongolia. I want to celebrate the common attributes in physical beauty when discussing East Asian escorts: silky soft smooth porcelain skin, very feminine facial features, and gorgeous thick dark hair. They can be petite or very tall, busty or small-chested; any objection to this means you have not travelled enough.
Skincare is a paramount ritual for Asians, with the Japanese and Chinese spending an average of £40Billion per year on products. As a result, Asian women tend to have beautiful clear skin, avoiding heavy make-up; a trend that is losing momentum as fashion seeks to diversify their models and celebrate natural beauty. However, who knows what will be in vogue next.

Although the above may sound like a vague cliché, it’s generally true.  Any presupposed formula will extend into the behaviour of an East Asian women, which I don’t think one can typecast.  The personality traits of East Asian women are typically shortlisted, by popular culture, into several stereotypes; stereotypes that cater to the ignorance of many Europeans who envisage a quiet, docile and dutiful young lady, who is too shy to speak her mind. This could not be further from the truth when discussing the Asian escorts at Lilith. We have one Asian escort – Akira, from Japan, who is currently at LSE studying Theoretical Physics. Not only is she beautiful and vibrant, she shoots from the hip and can engage anyone in deep conversation. The fast-growing markets in the East have been, partially, attributed to the substantial rise in women’s education in China.
Lucy was a Chinese escort at Lilith who used her accountancy credentials, impressive stint at Central Saint Martins and work experience at a leading fashion house in London to carve a career in retail buying in Milan.

Asian escorts make up a small sector of the agency models, so it’s wise to book while you can, or ring in advance if this is the type of escort you wish to meet.

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