New York or Bust!

New York, New York!! Everyone wants to go and experience the sights and sounds of New York. Here at Lilith, we have some of the most beautiful girls around and proof is in the pudding!! Tom is your typical New Yorker who often calls London escorts even when he’s not visiting London.

New York, New York!
Such an occasion took place recently when Tom not only booked with London escorts, but went to the lengths of chartering his private jet to book  his favourite girl here at Lilith agency. Of course, we were very obliging and understood his requirements and needs.

On this occasion, the London escort is always prepared and understands her clients wants and requirements. Upon reaching the infamous JFK airport, the London escort found Tom, our client, waiting very close to the runways to whisk her off to Broadway to experience the jazz and razzmatazz of the New York Broadway scene.

Now, there’s a lot of plays to choose from and luckily, Tom had his own box with a very private balcony. At Lilith, our girls are always prepared and knowledgable about their clients. Tom being the gentleman he always is had already had the table set in his private box, with lobster and champagne and a view from the box to die for – you could see everything on stage!

As the evening wore on, things naturally progressed. The London Escort is always prepared for a moment that may be heated, should romance ebrace the air.

Having a private box at the theatre does have its advantages, especially when you have a beautiful woman by your side who is so very enchanting. Coupled with good food and an atmosphere charged with headiness, things took a turn towards the more passionate, and all at once the stage took second place to the dessert that was served.

Broadway is an amazing place, however, at Lilith, we suggest you take the more amicable approach and view our site for one of our beautiful London escorts. You may even experience your own broadway moment!!

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