New VIP escorts in Mayfair London

So what is the appeal of English Escorts you ask?

When someone speaks of British men in general, the character James Bond pops into their heads. When another mentions their female counterpart, some are blessed with the image of contemporary British actresses or the sultry yet assertive Lara Croft - we know you weren't interested in the relic hunting aspects of the game when you picked up those game controls! Nevertheless, part of the reason Lara Croft was considered so hot was due to her outrageous curves and sexy facial features juxtaposed with her tones of humility and diligent approach to ancient history...a fantasy that every man could connect with.

June 2016 in Mayfair and our VIP escort models are HOT HOT HOT. New young ladies are here for the summer and the crowd goes WILD!

I love Mayfair, it’s without a doubt one of my favorite London locations, the buildings are a work of art, the people are posh and lovely and all the eye can see is the best of everything, the best shoes on the best looking ladies, the best cars driven by the best business man, so when i take my role as the deliver of beauty i must make sure to present the best VIP escorts in Mayfair!

This June we got several New VIP escorts in the Mayfair area, some of them we posted in the site and some are well kept in our members area, beautiful professional VIP models that take their escort role with all the passion an Elite escort should have.

So if you are in Mayfair and looking to book an incall with a British VIP escort than just pick up the phone and we’ll
be happy to help.

Also if you are in a hotel in Mayfair and looking for a Vip escort for an exiting night than Lilith is still your gal.

You can rest assure that our Mayfair escorts are above any standers of the Elite escort world and are always ready to make a stunning impression.

Elite escorting is the highest rank of the escort world and i believe that a girl who wishes to become a VIP escort in London, must make sure she live up to the word Elite, because is there is one thing you can say about Mayfair- London, is that they know what is high-class, and a high-class escort in Mayfair is the Top of all elite companions.

Come visit our VIP Escort Galleries and check our Mayfair escort Models.

Want to know about Mayfair and the escorts that lurk within?

At the very heart of London can be found some if its most stunning parks and arcades, beautiful museums and sought after residential addresses – Mayfair, in particular. In Mayfair, you can find quiet mewses and cobbled streets only minutes away from some of the busiest shopping areas in London. Mayfair escorts are known for their stylish excellence and incomparable class. Many beautiful Russian and French elite escorts live in Mayfair due to its stunning buildings and high ceilings – a feature which is a novelty for London residences.

A Mayfair escort is aware that the very best of what London has to offer can be found in this area; from art galleries to the most elite names in fashion. St James, Bond Street and Mount Street are just a few of the areas that have a global reputation for their high-end shops and restaurants. London Mayfair escorts are always dressed in chic outfits from Oscar de La Renta, Balenciaga and Lanvin.

Equally world famous are the many hotels in the area that are known for their luxurious bars and celebrity chefs. At the other end of the scale, smaller names and quintessentially British brands – Fortnum and Mason, Smythson of London, Charbonnel and Walker – thrive just as well, and there are plenty of traditional shops for those looking for a more personal touch. A client may have a booking with a Mayfair escort, and he decides to stop briefly at Hedonism Wines to pick up a lovely bottle of red as a gift.

Another reason why Mayfair escorts adore the area is due to the fact it is bordered by the beautiful green boundaries of St. James Park, Green Park, Hyde Park and Regents Park. Elite Mayfair escorts will always be keen to enjoy to outdoors activities, and they relish the opportunities to take a champagne hamper to the park with a client or friends.
Dotted throughout Mayfair are smaller squares and gardens overlooked by some of the most desired houses in London. The sophistication of this area has always attracted the affluent and artistic; interestingly enough, there are several Mayfair escorts who are part-time painters and musicians who live in this area.  There is a wide variety of remarkable architecture in Mayfair from Robert Nash designed streets, to the intimate mews that surround Grosvenor Square.

Beauty, art, architecture, shopping, entertainment, atmosphere and stunning Mayfair escorts; this part of London simply excels. Beyond everything else, it’s location, at the very centre of the capital, is its ultimate luxury and convenience.

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