New VIP Escort - Lil

There are plenty of escorts in London so when we take the time out to write about one, then they must be special. I can tell you now that our new VIP escort Lil is something out the ordinary…

Lil was a catwalk model in Milan and this is exactly where she developed a taste for high-end fashion and luxury. It was not long until she pursued a career in fashion design in one of fashion’s most pivotal cities – Paris. Having mastered her apprenticeship, Lil moved to London to study at Central St. Martins in order to strengthen her skills in wedding dress design.

Lil is an escort part-time to support herself, and around fashion design and escorting she keeps her body beautiful and lean through cycling and ballet. This VIP escort loves to cycle around Richmond Park and she attends ballet classes in Islington.
We asked Lil why she picked ballet and she told us that “this type of dance (ballet) is a method in which the audience watching can be touched deeply on an abstract level; something that words simple cannot express”.
Lil is clearly smart and several escorts we know have told us how much they love the ballet. In my opinion, this is a performance art that is becoming more and more valuable. The reason I say this is because we are slowly becoming emerged in a world where technology presides over real communication and expression. We have become lazy as  a nation where we have short spurts of attention which is scattered across three-minute you tube videos and two-second glances at Instagram pictures. Going to the theatre forces us to stop staring at our phones and computers. Here, we are subject to a very authentic and raw type of entertainment; an entertainment that is live and not edited, filtered or recorded over and over. This is why you can’t help but respect this tangible meditation and as a result, we love Lil’s view.
Lil also mentioned that her interest in ballet was piqued when one module in her fashion design studies involved the creative task of designing ballet outfits for a wedding ballet dance to take place at, yes, a wedding – in Capri. Lil told us “both a bride and a ballerina exude a timeless elegance and grace,” that mark events which stay in our minds forever.

Lil’s career as a wedding dress designer is starting to take off and when we asked her whose career she would most likely to resonate, she answered: Vera Wang.

We could not agree more Lil and best of luck!

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