Marvellous Multifaceted Mayfair

Mayfair escorts are plentiful at Lilith but since two of the Mayfair-based escorts choose not to be on the website, it is advised that you ask the receptionist for further information.

Mayfair is a wonderful place which is located in central London. The area itself is annexed to Green Park / Pall Mall to the South, Regent Street to the East, Oxford Circus to the North and Park Lane to the West which makes it a hotspot for some of the best: restaurants, luxury hotels, member’s clubs, residences, bars, casinos, nightclubs and antique dealerships. The last attraction is off-topic but I wanted to add a bit of tradition!

When someone mentions Mayfair, one immediately thinks of Berkeley Square. This town square was laid out in the mid-18th Century by William Kent. The square garden in the middle is flanked by trees and these are some of the oldest in London. The park is open to the public and we suggest that you take a Mayfair escort on a romantic stroll, especially if you’ve retired from the restaurant and bars. During the evening the garden is stunningly lit up and you can’t help but fall in love with the surroundings. This is a well hidden secret so take us up on the tip and it’s always good to be original.

Mayfair is never short of attractions and some of the best restaurants in London are based there. The sharp reputation that precedes Mayfair never falls short of expectation and you will find it hard to make day and evening plans anywhere else in London after you’ve spent time there. The neighbourhood attracts several businesses; away from the hustle bustle of the financial square mile in East London, Mayfair has become an attractive location for hedge funds, private banks and wealth managers.

If you are looking to spend the day with a Mayfair escort then take her for High Tea at Claridge’s – highly recommended – or to the wonderful spa in the Dorchester.
There are plenty of things to do and see in Mayfair and there will always be a new restaurant opening due to the fierce competition.

Knock yourself out and visit Mayfair with an elite escort on your arm!

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