Manga Mania

Let’s begin! Well, it was quite an exciting time. I’m going to shoot from the hip and get straight to it.

My agent came to me and offered me a modeling part. Little did I know that this would be something quite special and different from the run-of-the-mill photoshoot that I’m used to.

Surprisingly, I was told that it was quite a package: a substantial fee with all expenses paid and my own private driver who will transport me round the city once I arrive there. There is the catch: I fly out to Japan, Tokyo, to be precise. The job at hand was to pose for a manga artist. Any artistic opportunity that allows me to build up a diverse folio will get a thumbs up from me. Naturally, I agreed and made a beeline home so that I could pack and fly out the following morning.

I woke up the following day and made my way to Heathrow airport. I’m not a fan of long haul flights but just shy of thirteen hours I can handle, especially as first class on Japan airline makes the journey all the more smooth. I was warmly received by my driver ‘Emi’, who winked as she opened the door for me. All security checks have been cleared by my agent, and payments already made so I assumed that she was flirting. Any insecurities were soon quashed when she glanced at me again in the rearview mirror and told me that she can’t help but look because she’s never seen a person with two different coloured eyes.

On entering the illustration head office, I signed in and was ushered to the top floor where I was greeted in a very gracious and kind manner by, what seemed like, a licentious adolescent. He led me down to a little coffee place where we sat crossed legged and proceeded to brief me. I smiled and nodded, and he said: “ok, just to inform you, I sketch eighty cartoons before I pick the right one. In order for you to get into character, I need you to use the toys to their full potential so that  I can capture those…elated moments. My hand will move according to the flexing muscle tone and of the sedutive enjoyment; so you young lady, shall control my pen.”

I found myself gushing with delight because no man had spoken to me in such a manner; a fashion to evoke the passion within me without even touching me.

I hasten to add…[;)]there is a little bit of truth in that eastern promise.

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