Make-up: To Wear, Or Not to Wear

Make-up and cosmetics have been going strong for six-thousand years, with the first recorded usage being in the 1st Dynasty of Egypt (c.3100-2907BC). The baton was handed to the Romans who – like women of the 21st Century – celebrated the multiple hairstyles and cosmetics that were available to them. Like Roman women, many individuals of today are spoilt for choice when it comes to foundation, eyeliners, eye-shadows, lipstick and blusher etc., which brings me onto the main point of this blog: when is make-up appropriate, and to what level of application?

Make-up should only enhance a woman’s beauty…

…not completely change her face. Plautus described a woman without make up like “food without salt,” and we should understand that this analogy of a light seasoning in cuisine is translated as a touch of shimmering powder and tinted lipstick – all a pretty girl needs. If you have gorgeous plump lips, then accentuate them with a colour that suits your skin tone, but don’t pile on eye make-up everywhere so that you look like a clown.

A woman should be able to fully feel free in her own skin when socialising, which requires confidence in her own interpersonal skills and natural beauty. Less make up is an appreciative nod to Mother Nature that you’re grateful for what she’s given you. Do understand that for every one man that finds you plain, there are five whose heart would skip a beat if they laid eyes upon you. If you are confident, why wear a protective mask to hide who you are? Nothing beats a healthy glow, so if you can avoid the heavy foundation and stick to a good moisturizer, paired with blusher and mascara, you’re a vision already.
Too much make up can make a woman look mature and overly dramatic, which can deliver the wrong sort of signals, and even make you appear too intimidating for others to approach.  Effortless beauty is not just about minimal make up and tousled hair; the expression revolves around the concept that a woman is so beautiful that the only thing she is concerned with is her hygiene and dress-sense because all the other tidbits – like make up – are not required.

Keep it subtle, keep it light

As of late, models and insta-famous individuals have been painting their faces ‘geisha-style’ and taking one-hundred selfies before they attain the right angle in the most flattering light. Following this tedious ritual, the photos are filtered to remove any ‘natural flaws.’ This epidemic of striving for perfection has turned even the most attractive of individuals into online Picasso’s (the only time this term is deemed positive is when you are discussing an actual painting of Pablo’s). Alas, what goes up, can only come down, and the pendulum is swinging from synthetic to natural. The summer of 2017 is all about bare make up; finding the most flattering formulas and hues for your skin tone. For this look, the make up brands to watch out for are: Bobbi Brown, Shiseido, Suqqu, Charlotte Tilbury, Nars, Bare Minerals, Lipstick Queen and most items under the Space NK brand.

Be confident, be naked.

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