Why we love great legs on an elite escort

Although women presume, men would happily ogle a large pair of breasts instead of focussing on their facial features, there is another asset that rival the universal love for plump puppies: legs. We won’t dissect the science of Love and Romance but let’s delve into a few reasons why men love a great pair of legs on an escort…

Walk me to heaven legs eleven! This is the phrase that pops to mind when we see the legs of escorts Jenny, Alicia and Kate.
Legs are the core of feminine sensuality, along with sultry eyes on an escort. Breasts on the other hand, represent sexuality. Sensuality is the ripples that dance over the water, the whispers through the weeping willows and the enigmatic pull of a full moon. A stark counterpart to sexuality which is akin to a boisterous trumpet. You can’t be soft without being sibylline and Sibyl is best friends with mystery; mystery is the foundation for lust.

Confidence is a key trait for every escort and a girl at ease with herself without exuding any arrogance, will make every other person in the room comfortable. Watch a woman walk and the manner in which she sits and stands. Therefore, it is the legs or the language the legs are speaking? We could say both because on an aesthetic level, there is something mesmerising about long legs, especially when they are embellished with flattering heels. The high heel was originally invented to make women’s legs look longer and her rear more pert so there was method before pain came into the picture.

It is fair to say that there are many attractive, yet unconventional areas on an escorts body such as the nape of her neck, her back and even her collar bone. The thing about legs on an elite
escort is that they are the one feature that can be exposed all the time in public apart from the feet. Some men love feet and this is what legs end in, which is the ultimate turn-on as feet are hidden by shoes.

However, maybe it is something genetically programmed in us that we cannot explain. Just as crows love shiny things, men love legs.

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